Mar 6, 2009

Parking Blues

Yesterday mom and I were getting ready for bed when the door bell rang.
Opening the door revealed this very bossy looking female who lives three doors away but never bothers to wish or smile when we pass each other.
Bossy Female: Excuse me aunty – can you please move your car.
Mom – Why?
Bossy Female: Because I want to park my car there.
Mom – But beta why do you want me to move my car. Why not park your car somewhere else. (Our car was parked in its designated place)
Bossy Female – Because I have just bought a new Honda and you have a wagonR (yes she actually said this) so I would like to park my car safely in the parking lot. You can park yours anywhere.
Mom- Huh !
Eventually mom told her politely but firmly that she can take her ultra selfish self and new shiny car and go to hell.
I have seen selfish neighbors before but you lady take the cake for chutzpah!

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