May 30, 2013

Andaman Adventures - The early bird catches the Sunrise !

Everything about the resort we stayed in at Havelock Island spoke of relaxation and chilling out. 

The resort was very green and very peaceful. The only sound was the gentle murmurings of the sea interspersed by the occasional canon like thud of the coconuts falling from the trees. 

The cottages were right next to the sea with hammocks and beach chairs strewn about. 

This is what the view from the chair looked like. 

The sun rises very early in tropical areas and at Havelock the day used to break as early as 4.45 am. 
Even through well drawn curtains, it was impossible to keep the sun out. I am not sure I wanted to ! I used to get up with the first streak of sunlight and make my way to the beach to see the sun come up.

It was very quiet at that time in the morning.The only sound  was that of the sea and the early morning wind whispering through the trees. 

It was just me and the sea and the trees and the sun rising over the horizon. It was indescribably beautiful and incredibly peaceful. 

I clicked a few pics while sitting at the beach .. 

At first the sky turned a pale pink ....

And then there it turned golden with a tinge of pink and  red at the edges. It looked beautiful, as if the gods above were in a playful mood and had decided to strew some colors on  a palette. 

Then the sun peeped out, fiery and golden .. as if giving us an indication of the hot day that lay ahead, in spite of the clouds. 

Finally it hung in the sky, like a great orb of fire ! 

The colors disappeared and the sky was just a bright gold. The sea was suddenly a play of light and shadow. I caught these fishermen going out to the sea. Perhaps
to catch our Dinner !

May 23, 2013

Andamans of the Emerald Hills and Azure Waters !

What do you do when your friends are busy frolicking about in water like mermaids and you don't want to go in.

You walk along the beach on the white, soft and powdery sand .....

You click crabs.

You admire the emerald hills and the endless blue expanse of water.

And since you cant seem to have enough of the Blue water, you try clicking it from different angles ! 

And wish you lived right here, in a hut like this :P

As the afternoon lengthens into evening, you watch the water change into an amalgam of white and light blue -green.

And then the sea turns dark and brooding as the sun prepares to set ...

And then as you watch the sunset, the phrase "Sun setting over the Horizon" takes on a whole new meaning ! 

Can you see the tiny bit of Sun .... 

And finally, you watch awestruck as the water and the sky is painted a rosy Pink. 

A day well spent, wouldn't you say ! 

These pictures were shot at Elephanta Beach where a lot of people come for Snorkeling and Scuba diving. But we reached there in the afternoon, when even the Nariyal paani wallah had sold off his wares and left. We had the whole beach to ourselves. Devoid of all the touristy noises and people, It was very quiet and very peaceful. It felt almost like being stranded on an Island  - A very beautiful Island !

May 22, 2013

Andaman Adventures - A paradise called Havelock

I am not much of a water person. I am more of a mountain person and have only been to the Beach a few times in my life. So my friends were very surprised when I signed up for a trip to the Andamans.
But I had heard  people rave enough about the virgin Islands and crystal clear waters of the Andamans. I wanted to see if it really lived up to its reputation ! 

And I was not disappointed.  Andaman is truly a paradise, a glowing emerald in the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal.

We spent most of our time at Havelock Island. The Island is breathtakingly beautiful and our days there were filled with walks along the beach, chilling out on hammocks facing the sea or in doing water sports.

This is the Ship that took us to Havelock Island from Port Blair.


The boat ride took us about 2 hours.The water  was a never ending blue and it was wonderful to watch the play of the clouds above.

And when we got tired of the monotony of the water tiny flying fish flew along our boat to keep us company. They were very small and we would just see a flash of silver before they would disappear in the water. It was fantastic to watch.

First view of Havelock.

The island is known for its beautiful beaches, Radha Nagar and Elephanta being the most popular. The Radha Nagar Beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

 It had just finished raining when we left for the Radha Nagar Beach. Everything was a emerald green.

 The beaches in Andamans, unlike most of the beaches in our country are very clean. The sand is almost white and the water is crystal clear. I think this is because the Island is still lesser known as compared to other beaches. Its is unspoiled and totally pristine.

I walked along the beach, admiring the endless, never ending blue, and felt like a small  insignificant speck of humanity in this vast beautiful world that God has created. 

I simply couldn't get over the waves. I clicked pics after pics of them, wishing that I could somehow capture the roar of the water in the pics as well !

And then we saw the most glorious sunset ! 

The sky above, and the water below seemed to be on fire. 


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