Nov 30, 2009

Ruskin Bond Magic again !

What happens when my absolute favorite writer Ruskin Bond and Vishal Bhardwaj come together once again- Magic I am sure!
Am sooo looking forward to this !
Earlier Vishal Bhardwaj had made The Blue Umbrella - a delightful story written by Ruskin Bond into a childrens film.It was a lovely movie but in the original story the plot is much more simple and uncomplicated. In the movie many new subplots and characters have been introduced. But I guess this is a liberty every director takes while turning a short story into a full fledged movie. I had thoroughly enjoyed the story and had already formed an image of Binya and the other characters in my mind.The Movie was entirely different from what I had expected but it was different in an interesting captivating sort of way.
This time Vishal Bhardwaj has decided to turn another short story of Ruskin Bond -Susanna’s Seven Husbands into a movie.Ruskin Bond usually sticks to stories about mountains and the simple folks that live there but Susanna’s Seven Husbands is a rather morbid tale about how a young woman disposes of her seven husbands!
Now what needs to be seen is how Vishal Bhardwaj deals with this plot !

Nov 3, 2009

55 Fiction - Winter Frost

The door slammed and she heard him leave.Loneliness and despair clutched at her heart like cold hands. She shivered, opened the door and stepped out. The first rose was peeping its way out of the almost- gone winter frost. The sun warmed her skin but her heart remained covered with a layer of ice.

My Favorite Home - A poem

In continuation of My Favorite Places, Here's a poem written by my 9 yr old niece Shaivalini immediately after she went back home to Auckland after visiting us in India. I think it speaks really poignantly about how much she misses us.

(Click to enlarge)

I love you Shaivalini and I miss you very very much !

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