About Me

Hi, I am Ruchira Shukla. Better known as Ruch to my friends !  I live in an urban jungle but my heart is in the mountains. I have two simple aims in life, to travel and to write. And to support these two activities I also work at a boring corporate job! 

I have a masters degree in Japanese and although I live in New Delhi now, I have been associated with the Land of the Rising Sun for the past 10 years in one form or the other.

Traveling, exploring different cultures and learning languages is a passion and so is literature.

Since I love to travel, you will find lot of travelogues here. The travel posts are interspersed with posts on literature, reminisces, humorous anecdotes with a little bit of fiction and Haiku thrown in as well.

I like to think of this blog as a happy place, rather like a welcoming, warm and cozy room with a bright fire in the hearth and comfortable couches strewn all around, so that who ever enters it will never want to leave ! 

Of course Readers only stay if they get good stuff to read and I try to improve my writing skills every day through this space. 

So Dear Reader, welcome to Nirjharini ! Grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable. And I hope you like it enough to stay!

And for those curious ones who want to know why I have chosen Nirjharini as my Blog Name, you can got through this page

(I can be reached at contactruchira@gmail.com or through the FB page for my blog)


  1. I can so relate to you on those two loves :)

  2. Ohio Gozaimas. Do excuse the appalling spelling, and please do concentrate on the pronunciation, bad though that is too :)

    Towards the end of last year I had to undergo some Ayurveda treatment, and we had a young Japanese lady there for a week. It was fun to pick up a few words from her. Shail has told me of the wonderful blogs here, and of you :) And just today I happened by Corinne's blog Write Tribe, where I came across the Haiku post that you'll be doing with the bloggers.

    I had to drop in here, after that. :)

  3. Hi Ruchira,
    I am a feature writer and a freelance journalist. In a few days my first book a novel] will be published. will you please review it for me? My mail id is anuradhap2@yahoo.com. you can also read my published works on www.anuradha-prasad.com. thanks

  4. Hi Ruchira
    I have come to your blogpost after having met you face to face at an event recently.i have already read three four of the articles and am likely to come back for more. Lovely pics of the Bharatpur bird sanctuary and quirky information about the Japanese hot tub.
    Thanks. :-)

  5. Love the amazing new look of the blog Ruch, and amazing that you've jumped on the band wagon with the own domain name too. Looking forward to readings lots for amazing travelogues :)

  6. You have an interesting blog Ruch. Glad to have stumbled on to it

  7. Hi Ruchira

    Read your blog.Pretty impressing and nice. "I like to think of this blog as a happy place" i like that. Wish you all the very best for your traveling and writing. Loved your blog name as well:)



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