Sep 13, 2009

Of Backaches and Boredom

Since middle of last week, the rain gods have been rather benevolent towards rain parched Delhi; the heavens have opened up and it has poured and poured.
Rains mean standing outside letting the downpour soak you to the skin, of breathing in the heavenly smell of wet mud, or as meira puts it of going chapak chapak in the puddles.It means sitting outside and watching the plants and tress emerge a bright emerald from their drab brown covering of dust and eating pakoras or feasting on Bhuttas.
So have I been doing all this? Well not really. Very erratic working hours, getting stuck in 3 hours long traffic jams (thanks again to the self same rains and delhi roads!) has left me with a very painful back. The doctor had one look at the groaning shuffling me and ordered complete rest. So here I am flat on my back and going out of my mind with boredom. All the books in the library have been read, dozens of phone calls made to friends and family, TV watched mindlessly and endlessly but I am still bored to death and very moody. And when I am moody I am crappy and snappy and not easy to be with at all.
But there is a tree just outside my window and I can see the rain drops falling from its leaves like pearl drops. And I just heard a koyal singing outside.
Life is not so bad after all !

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