Feb 17, 2009

If you are a Punjabi living in Delhi ...

We were discussing Dev D at the work and I was told by some guys that you need a different sort of mindset to enjoy it and you can only appreciate the movie fully if you have ever lived in a hostel. Huh! (According to them 7 out of 10 people who live in hostels are on drugs and you need to be around such people to understand the movie).Weird I must say because I spent 5 years in JNU and I still couldn’t fathom the so called brilliance behind the movie.
Also, the self -same people tell me that this film very well depicts what the rich kids of rich businessmen in Punjab do and what happens if you live in Delhi as a student/all alone (apparently you don’t go to college at all but spent all your time doing drugs). Now as a Punjabi born and brought up in Delhi I take very strong umbrage to that. I just don’t get it... I guess all Punjabi kids ride about town in huge expensive cars and go abroad to study .. Then they come back and fool around with their girl friends and when the girl friend marries someone else they shift to pahargunj and do drugs…Thanks guys for educating me about my people !
While the whole world raves on about Anurag K’s bold and psychedelic take on life, all that my intelligent friends could get out of the movie is what kind of people Punjabis are. I am not saying that Anurag Kashyap shouldn’t have used Pahargunj or Punjab as backdrops. . What irks me is the kind of compartmentalization and generalization people do.
All I want to do right now is spew few of the choicest of Punjabi Gaalis on them ..


  1. That post left me in splits, and I had to read through the finer parts of it again! I really dislike any generalization that people do. I am a Delhiite myself, am living in a hostel (in greater noida, admitted...) and have had lots of hostelite friends in Delhi itself, and none of them did drugs in a self destructive way!

    Now I'm even more curious to watch the movie...

  2. @arnab ..watch it ...tho its not really my kind of movie ..its different ...I`ll concede that much !

  3. Err..I have lived in a hostel for significant periods of time(and still continue to do so), and frankly the movie didn't have much to do with hostel life as such.
    As far as Punjabi depiction is concerned, the media has so far depicted them as a flamboyant race with a zest for life.
    As far as drugs go...I havent a clue. The media has always thrived on stereotypes.

  4. so true .. People are so quick in being judgemental , i am a college student , punjabi and live in delhi . and i think that guy made choices he made because of a 1000 more reasons than his origin . Thats a nice take on things i must say , but to tel u the truth i loved the movie specially because it was like a musical . I write book reviews too , at my blog http://karanvohraart.blogspot.com . ur writing is soo honest keep up the good work



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