Apr 24, 2009

Why I Love Ruskin Bond

Imagine yourself in a beautiful mountain valley, where everything is so quiet that all you can hear is the sound of a mountain stream and of the wind rustling through the deodars. As you gaze at the snow peaked mountains, can you slowly feel peace and calmness descend on you? - this is what Ruskin bond’s writings do to me. His writings have the power to lift me out of any gloom and transport me to a world filled with happiness and serenity.
He is the epitome of austerity and simplicity and this is reflected both in his writings and in his life. The power of his words lie in their simple wisdom and gentle humor which I feel is much more difficult to accomplish than any complicated piece of writing. He does not write romantic ballads or suspense thrillers, his stories are about the Himalayas and the simple hill people who dwell there.
I guess I am a bit of a dreamer like him, wanting and believing in the simple pleasures of life. The kind of life I would love to lead is the kind of life he is leading right now; tucked away among the mountains, doing what he loves to do best– Writing.
In his book’ The India I love’ he talks about his love for writing and living in the mountains - [Life isn’t a bed of roses .. and I have never had the comfort or luxuries that wealth can provide. But here I am doing my own thing, in my own time and in my own way. What more can I ask of Life?’]

Indeed .. what more can one ask of life !


  1. Hi Ruch,
    I LOVE Ruskin Bond too!! In fact when someone said that my writings reminded them of Ruskin Bond's i took it as a HUGE compliment.Some of his horror stories are scary--have u read?
    And of course i dont mind u adding me on connect.Thanks!

  2. Hey, Good to read this. I love Ruskin Bond too: http://swappinglives.blogspot.com/2008/10/names-bondruskin-bond.html

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  5. wow!.. I could give a high five to u on this.. Kind of share the same sentiments as u... I mean Ruskin Bomd is awesome and I also kind of wish to live a life like him ... living in the mountains and penning down stories and poems.. that wud be like heaven.. :)

  6. @sushobhan - yes living in the mountains would be heaven indeed ! Have you ever met Ruskin Bond?



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