Aug 27, 2009

55 Fiction and a prize !

Here’s a 55 fiction story I wrote for a contest held at work. We were given a theme and had to write something in 55 words or less in 20 minutes. My theme was ‘Nature’ -and I won the first prize. Yay !!
The picture was clicked by me at Rishikesh !

She sat outside, waiting for the Sunrise, her mood as dark as the Night Sky. Slowly the sun peeped out from behind the mountains, bright and shiny as a newly minted coin, its rays like yellow arrows against a backdrop of flaming orange sky. Suddenly, all was well with the World again.


  1. That's brilliant!
    Heartiest congratulations :)

  2. Wow! Thatz some talent! U wrote this in 20 min? Hats Off n Congrats :)

    Totally deserving :)

  3. @meira,swaram - thanks guys !
    @Aditya - thanks and welcome !

  4. 'what a wonderful world'...maybe dis fiction best describes dat song....lovely!!!

  5. No wonder you won a prize for this one. Its beautiful :)



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