Feb 8, 2010

Ajanta Ellora-A Rendezvous with History (Part 6)

The End... And a Beginning !
A lot of people were very surprised at my choice of Ajanta Ellora as a holiday destination. For them Ajanta Ellora is a kind of place where you go on study tours or school trips.
Ajanta Ellora is not for people who consider a holiday to mean partying all night and sleeping till late. Its for genuine lovers of art and History. The beautiful sculptures and paintings come alive and talk of hundreds of years of history to people who are interested, for others, they are just bits and pieces of rocks.
Be it wandering through the caves of Ajanta Ellora, making impromptu stops at roadside restaurants to sample the local food, hobnobbing with Nomads, singing our heads off in the bus, shopping for old stones at Ajanta, talking late into the night; we all had a fabulous time. What made this trip even more memorable was that we went with Piya, who herself is a seasoned traveller and took great care in making this trip fun-filled and interesting for us. Initially I guess all of us were very skeptical about travelling with strangers but we all gelled really well. Travelling in a group with people you have never met before definitely broadens your outlook and gives you an entirely new perspective of life. You also end up meeting some very interesting people and making lots of new friends!

For everyone looking for interesting and off-beat holidays, I would definitely suggest Girls on the Go !
The 3 day trip ended too soon for us but in a way it was a beginning towards forging new friendships!


  1. I have to agree that I too think of Ajanta and ellora as a sport for elderly or school children to go, but with the right audience who loves art I can visualise how good it would have been for you. I loved the bit about singing in the bus and tasting local food, sounds so much fun. Travelling teaches us many things that books wont :)

  2. Srivats - Oh it was great fun.Travelling and interacting with new people is one of the best forms of education

  3. Ajanta and Ellora are one of the best places to visit in India. And one of the most precious places, we would say. Thanks for the write up.

  4. I hv so wanted to visit them for a long time nw .. hd a gr8 pictorial journey thanks to u :)

  5. It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)



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