Aug 25, 2010

Meeting Just the Mother of Two !

Some friendships are forged in childhood, friends you grow up with and who are a part of all your childhood escapades. Some friends are made in college and the predominant memories with these friends are of classes bunked together, movies seen, last minute cramming before exams and hostel days. Some friends are ‘Travel’ friends who are only remembered when you need to take off on yet another backpacking adventure. Some friendships are simply convenience friendships with people you have tea or lunch with at work. These people are conveniently forgotten once you change your job.
Then there is a special breed of friends called 'Blog Friends'. Friends whom you meet through their blogs, start off by commenting on their posts, move on to exchanging e mails and messages and gradually a friendship develops. They become a part of your life and you feel happy in their happiness and concerned when their messages and blog posts are less than cheerful. But these friendships feel slightly tinged with the unreal. You’ve never met these people in real life and your image of them is based solely on blogs read and mails exchanged. But when these virtual friends and their families step out of the blog pages and you actually get to meet them the experience is like magic !
This is what happened when I met Preeti Shenoy of Just a mother of two, her husband Satish and their two very adorable kids Purvi and Atul. She was in Delhi from UK on a whirlwind trip and was sweet enough to squeeze out time to meet me. After innumerable discussions about where to meet and a lot of tearing out of hair due to Delhi’s notorious traffic jams we finally managed to get together.
To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about the meeting. I am not an extrovert by nature and tend to get choosy about making friends. But as it turned out, I was worried over nothing! Preeti is such a warm and genuine person and it was so easy to talk to her. The awkwardness that’s usually there when you meet a person for the first time was totally missing. We connected immediately, conversation flowed effortlessly from topic to topic and off course about the two things closest to our hearts; blogging and writing ! Time simply flew past while I was with her. The saying ‘Life’s finest moments are those that you spend in the company of friends’ describes our meeting to the T !”
I had been quite skeptical about virtual friendships before but now I feel that they are real – sometimes even more real and enriching than our other friendships !


  1. :)
    I couldn't meet her this time. She sounds so sweet on the phone though, no?:)

  2. :) I am a big believer in 'blog friends' but thing is one has to know who is 'sincere' and who is 'faking' it :)
    Ruch, it felt great meeting you as well. And thank you for all the lovely things you have said here :)

    I wanted to meet Meira too but couldnt this time. Next time pukka!

    BTW her name is spelt Purvi :) (she always corrects anyone who spells it with a 'oo') :)

    Some of my closest friends have happened because of my blog only :) So Virtual meetings turning into real does not surprise me anymore, because our minds have met long before our physical selves have.

  3. @Meira - Ohh yes she`s great. Lets plan a NCR blog meet soon !!

    @Preeti - Mistake corrected!!
    I published this post from home but at work I realized that I had spelt her name wrong. (I was going through your mail and saw the correct spelling).That’s why I didn’t send you the link to this post as I wanted to correct it first.But you caught me before I could :)

  4. It's so nice to meet friends whom we have read and loved online :)

  5. sometimes even more real and enriching than our other friendships !

    kya..... what does this mean? hamari itni tauheen...!!

  6. @Swaram – Three cheers to blog friends !

    @Anonymous - Kindly come out and tel1 me your name so that I know ki maine kiski itni tauheen kar di !! :)

  7. Good to know you met Preeti. I am a big believer in blog friends too. I have met quite a few of them. :) I certainly feel they are real and more enriching like you say :)

  8. @Shail - yeah I look forward to more such meetings now !



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