Mar 15, 2012

Thursday Challenge: Food at Fortnum and Mason !

Today's Thursday Challenge is FOOD (Food Markets, Ingredients, Cooking, Baking, Pots, Pans,...)
For a foodie like me a visit to Fortnum and Mason was a must during my stay in London. Situated in an imposing building on London’s Piccadilly street, the store is magnificent with gilded furnishings, marble flooring and a beautiful atrium. It is also quintessentially English, with its staff still wearing top hats and frock coats.

It has a dazzling array of foods stuff and delicacies and is known for its very high quality and exquisitely wrapped goods.

It also has a very delectable Bread and Cheese section. 

But my favorite food stalls were obviously in the Confectionery area !

I loved the sweet crystallized veggies and fruits !

And I loved to watch  the figures of Mr Fortnum and Mr Mason make their appearance every hour :)


  1. Loved the pictures. The crystallised veggies and fruits look so colorful.

  2. The confectionery section is mouth watery sure!

  3. yummy yummy and yes i have been to this place :)


  4. Yes, London big food stores are so amazing that I forgot to take photos.

  5. My favorite are the figures of Mr Fortnum and Mr Mason :)

  6. @Shail - colourful and very delicious !
    @VAish - you bet it is !
    @Bikram - its nice isnt it !
    @vuduu - welcome here !
    @IHM - Yes I enjoyed looking at them come out as the hour struck !

  7. You have catapulted before my eyes things I may never witness in life. Simply loved the images and the details.



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