Jan 28, 2013

A prompt and a Nudge !

I haven’t really posted anything worthwhile for some time now and Corinne from Everyday Gyan has been quite concerned about this writer’s block that just refuses to go away!  

Actually what I needed was a kick on my butt asking me to stop procrastinating and to just get on with the blogging but Corinne being Corinne she thought of a far better way. She put up a writing challenge on her blog and promptly tagged me on it!

The Writing Prompt says:

Grab the 7th book from your bookshelf. Open it up to page 7. Pinpoint the 7th sentence on the page. Begin a poem that begins with that sentence and limit it in length to 7 lines.

She then very good naturedly kept dismissing all my excuses about how  I simply cant write poetry and how I am too tied up at work to pen poems.

The seventh book in my book shelf was “The Book of Humour” By Ruskin Bond. And the 7th sentence on the 7th page was “How can you tell she is married?” 

And here is my humble attempt:

How can you tell
What the world holds
What adventures lie ahead
Unless you dare to step
Into the unknown
And take the road
You have never travelled before.

And to offset this very bad poetry, here is a picture of the road leading up to the Niagara vineyards that I took about a year back ! 


  1. exactly! Food for thought. Don't try to reach out to the unexpected and you don't even know what you are missing out on. Loved the pic too.

  2. And we found the Frost of today. You stepped out and found the hidden poet within. So relevant for the traveller within you. ♥

  3. That's so good Ruch! Loved the lines as well as the pic :)

  4. For someone who claims not to be a poet, the lines are wonderful and the pic equally evocative. Corinne's prompt indeed is bringing out the poet in everyone :)

  5. Exactly what you have written.Poetry is no big deal...and you have scored full marks!

  6. Really nice poem Rushira. Loved it. You surely do have a hidden poet in there :) :)
    Keep writing!!

  7. Sorry about spelling your name wrongly :(
    I ofcourse meant "Ruchira"

  8. That's excellent!! I didn't dare take up the challenge because poet I am not! And, I desecrate the works of other poets, as you saw! :D

  9. Nice to see the Blogger inside this Kaam-ke-bojh-ki-maari is alive and well!

    Welcome back! :D

  10. @rachna – Thanks ! We never know what fun the future holds unless we are willing to venture into the unknown !
    @Corinne – Thank you ! This sure broke the writing block spell :P
    @Swaram – Thanks ! Hope you are enjoying your holiday !
    @zephyr – yes indeed ! Corinne’s prompt is bringing out the poet in everyone ! Thank you for your kind words !
    @JANU – thanks !
    @Life Begins – Thanks
    @Rickie –It’s good to be back :P

  11. Wow! After reading these words, who would say that this was your first attempt as a poet or that you are suffering from the writer's block!?!

  12. Very nice poetry actually something about travel that is so so close to my heart ! :)

    You know I love that one quote I read somewhere -

    Life is like a novel
    and those who do not travel
    read only the same page :D

  13. Corinne's prompt is working very well,I must say!! Lovely lines and a beautiful capture to complement those lines Ruchira...

    I am at complete loss for words at this point in time ...spending time and energy reading,waiting for some decent ....nah...any words to flow out of my sleepy brain.

  14. The picture and the poem were both superbly evocative.
    And you said you can't write poetry?

  15. Wow, that poetry is so much in sync with the travelogues you write :)
    And the pic, that is just breathtaking!



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