Mar 13, 2014

The Best Days of My Life !

I was introduced to Sakshi’s Blog 'Between Write and Wrong' by a friend. To be honest, I opened it in a very bored and desultory manner not really knowing what to expect. I read the first few lines of her post and the next instant I was sitting up in sheer delight. For finally, finally here was a blogger who wasn't blogging simply for the sake of it. Sakshi writes, truly writes and uses her language masterfully to create utterly captivating works of art.

What also amazes me is how prolific she is. She can make you laugh out loud with her sparkling wit and then turn around and very casually, very effortlessly churn out a post that will astound you with its deep perception.

The love of travel is something Sakshi and I have in common. So when she asked me to write a travel post for her I wanted it to be something special. I went through a whole lot of travel destinations in my mind choosing and then discarding the places I wanted to write about. Finally I chose to write a memoir on Kobe, not a well-known tourist spot but a place that is very close to my heart. Somehow it seemed very appropriate for her blog! 

I do hope you enjoy reading it! 

I have spent many happy years in the Land of the Rising Sun and have lived in almost all its major cities, but the place that remains the closest to my heart is a quaint little city called Kobe. 

Kobe lies on the southernmost tip of Japan. It’s almost at the other end from Tokyo, but what separates the two cities is not only the physical distance but also their two totally different characters. Tokyo is all about big corporates, high rises and technology. Kobe on the other hand is quiet, laid back with an old world charm. If we were to assume that these two cities are people, Tokyo to me would be an aggressive Businessman but Kobe would be a graceful and elegant lady dressed in a Kimono.

Read the rest on Sakshi's blog using the link below.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your post on my blog. Read it a couple of times. But now, I am totally enjoying reading your introduction of me. If I seem 'proudy' to you for a couple of days, please blame yourself.
    Good to be your friend, Ruchira. :)

  2. 'Blogging simply for the sake of it' .. I get disappointed with the same thing when I blog hop.. Most of blogs have updates almost everyday with what was eaten for lunch or a reported conversation between friends and the like .. Blogs where 'pieces of writing' are published are quite rare .. Yours, I must say, is one of those rare finds ..
    When I found your blog , I was spellbound by your writing .. Glad to have stumbled upon this space ..
    Now hopping over to Sakshi's :)

  3. I like this blog, its simple, loads easily and is attractive. Now hopping to Sakshi's place to read your post

  4. Glad to note that we share our thoughts about Sakshi. She writes. She truly writes from her soul. And I see the same simplicity in you too. Off to read your post on one of my favourite blogs. :-)



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