Dec 2, 2014

The Japanese and The Art of Using Chopsticks

Rachna of Rachna Says fame is one of the finest bloggers I know. Her content is thought provoking and responsible and her writing always impeccable. 

Over the years I have come to admire her for not only her writing prowess but also the very principled and ethical manner in which she conducts herself in the blog world. She is also an extremely helpful and generous soul who will go out of her way to share her knowledge about blogging and blogs with her friends and even people she hardly knows. She is a genuine person, straight forward and honest.

So I was in a quandary when she asked me to write a guest post for her. I wanted it to be something special, something that would appeal to her discerning taste. Then I remembered how much Rachna enjoys my posts on Japan and so I decided to do a ‘Japan and I’ post for her.

I do hope my post has done justice to her fine blog!

In many ways, Japan still remains a mystery to the rest of the world. For here, the ancient and the modern not only coexist but seem to do so in great harmony. The land of the rising sun is as comfortable with its bullet trains and cutting edge technology as it is with Zen and Geishas.

Japan has a unique culture, with its own peculiarities and quirks that seem natural to the Japanese but intrigue all foreigners. One of the most interesting and peculiar things about Japan is that while the rest of the world uses spoons and forks, the Japanese insist on eating their food with two pieces of wood!

Please click on the following link to read the rest of the post on Rachna's Blog !


  1. Thank you so much, my dear, for such beautiful words and for the lovely post you penned for me. Next, I have to learn eating with them chopsticks. ;-)

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the post...left my comment there as well :)

  3. Forget the blog.Every word you have said a bout Rachna is so correct.I have met her personally and she is an extremely nice person,extremely warm and hospitable.It was a pleasure meeting her.
    'Cheers ,Rachna

    1. Thank you so much, Chowlaji, for your warm words and support always. Both Gurdev and I loved meeting you.

  4. loved it! keep writing more, Ruch.

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