Apr 27, 2008

Back to the Land of the Rising Sun

Beginning of April ….
I am back in Japan,this time after a hiatus of 7 months …
I see Sakura trees in full bloom on the way to Tokyo from Narita airport .. pearly white and pink ..delicate petals like fairy's wing.They are beautiful …lifts my mood a little .. I am feeling a bit low,a combination of jetlag and the sad tug at the heart feeling you get on leaving your family behind and not knowing when you will meet again.

Back to Japan .. Back to the hard work and toil .. to meeting old friends again ..and may be making a few new ones ..back to sushi and soba, onigiri and okonomiyaki and yakitori ..tastes so shockingly new and different on my indian taste buds ….. yet experimented with loved.
After the dirt and dust,pollution and chaos of delhi .. clean air and clean roads,organized traffic, every thing right from the trains to the person who comes to pick up my garbage working in precise clock work fashion .. and yet and yet ..why do I yearn so for the sights and sounds and smells of Delhi !
Japan ..this time I come with my future still uncertain and unknown … but filled with hope and excitement for the good times that I know will come …..


  1. I am glad about this week's TTT. I got to read your very first post, Ruch :)

  2. get the same feeling when i leave home...the sad yet the anticipation to continue with life.

    glad to read your first post!

  3. Lovely first post...speaks a lot about the you as a person. Nice!

  4. Having read your most recent posts, I clicked without a thought when I saw that you had shared your first post on IBs TTT... and now I know why everyone says you would be a good travel writer... I was with you on that ride from Tokyo to the Narita airport :)

  5. Nice first post, Ruchira! Took me to your connect with Japan. And the nostalgic note on which it ends, tugs at my heart's strings. Indeed, home is where the heart is!

  6. Lovely first post.. Nostalgia about home, so aptly described.

  7. Wonder why I never saw this first? Maybe coz I was busy curating the list. Reminds me, must start TTT again. Nicely done, Ms. Shukla. :D



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