May 2, 2008

To mourn for things that could have been ......

I used to write when I was in school .. stories, poems or just jot down the random ramblings of my mind. I was told I write well ..that I should cultivate this skill ... One of my dreams was to become a writer and live up in the mountains ..Ruskin bond style .. but then I got carried away in the pursuit of professional and materialistic happiness and my writing lay forgotten like a dusty child hood book, treasured but rarely read ..I used to tell myself that someday I will start writing again.....may be this weekend..may be after this deadline is over ..
And now today as I finally sit before the computer I find that I have lost the ability to play around with words,the metaphors and expressions don't come so easily any more ...
...And so I mourn for lost skills and things that could have been !


  1. These are wonderful thoughts Ruch. Now, after so many years, when I try to pen down memories with my mom, my sister tells me I am able to articulate my thoughts well. And as I read your mind, thorough these wonderful anecdotes, the desire in me to write increases manifolds...Should I add my stories too?

  2. thats a grt idea sandhya .. i see you already have a blog shared with your milwaukee frnds is it !

    write away .its a great stress buster !!

  3. I am hoping this bit you've left far behind. I know you have, for your writing skills are totally enviable.



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