Jun 24, 2008

Kobe Memories

I went to Makuhari yesterday to give a presentation and instantly fell in love with the place .. its much more quiet and much more green than tokyo is ..it reminded me of kobe and took me back to those never to be forgotten wonderful days spent at NEC Kobe - crisp autumn days when the trees on rokko hills turned yellow and orange and red - as if on fire;of standing in the balcony every morning and watching the sun come up the hills with the sea shimmering far away.The half hr train journey to work that never felt cumbersome thanks to the quaint little Japanese houses and green fields that one passed.Eating in the NEC cafeteria - two sides glass while looking out at cherry blossoms in spring and the autumn splendour in Fall.To walk down to the lake every day during lunch and sit there enjoying the peace and quiet .. Now that I am in Tokyo,I realize how lucky I was to get such a wonderful work environment at that time and how much I took it for granted then .... I miss the feeling of general well being and being at peace with oneself and one's surroundings. And most of all I miss the warm pleasant friendly people at work...
Tokyo is all about ultra modern high rise buildings and technology and power. Kobe was all about friendships and warmth and natural beauty and peace ....


  1. Kobe is one of those beautiful places in Japan where I love to visit again and again ....you reminded me of good old days of my Japan visit..



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