Jun 6, 2008

to sleepy to articulate

I called up a dear friend last night at 12.30 am.Not something I would recommmend if u need to get to work by 8 the next morning.During the course of our conversation I realized that she is as confused about her life as I am ..what a relief to know you are not the only one who thinks that the whole world is totally screwed up.
Any way she made me feel much better ..as she always does ..we talked and laughed and laughed and I really dont remember the last time I laughed like this.
but then I slept late and got up late and ran to work without breakfast so now I am sleepy and cranky.
And when I am cranky - STAY AWAY FROM ME !


  1. oye, it felt so nice to talk to you....to hear your voice. You know what I feel..maybe the five of us shd do a conference call every now and then and talk to each other. kitna achcha lagega, nai?



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