Jul 1, 2008

Are you going Gymming tonight ?

I think I have coined a new word and that word is gymming.Instead of asking each other if we are going out tonight or what time are we going back home we ask each other if we are going gymming tonight.
Actually I started it all. I had a hard look at myself and finally realized that my trousers are not becoming tight because they shrunk in the washing machine or something but that I am totally and completely out of shape and will seriously become obese if i dont do anything about it pronto. So I went and joined the tipness fitness club right next to the office.And both the friends from work got so facinated by my talks of how great aerobics classes were and how good the machines were and how relaxing the sauna was that they joined in too.
So here I am every evening huffing and puffing on the treadmill surrounded by extremely fit Japanese women with highly toned bodies who make me feel drab and flabby and un-smart ... But its a lot of fun and Gym is turning out to be an obsession with me – it’s a great stress reliever and I recommend it to every one who needs to do some stress busting.
And seriously – I am about fed up of the see saw of loosing weight and gaining weight that I tend to do on a regular basis and I have resolved that this time the weight is going to come off and stay off for ever.
So ladies and gentlemen a few months from now get ready for a much slimmer and trimmer me !


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