Jul 16, 2008

On Living your dreams ...

How important is it to get the job you want? How many people are doing what they really want to do? How many of us spend our entire lives doing a job we don't even like?
There have been many things I have dreamt about doing .. about living in the mountains and writing ....on getting more invovled in social work and of finding and doing the kind of job I really want to do.
A while back I went for an interview to a media company..I Knew I was not qualified for the job also knew the chances of getting it were one in a trillion ..but I went for the interview for that one in a trillion chance and also because I simply could not let pass an interview with such a great firm .. And it was great simply great.. I royally flunked their test coz it was all about finance reporting- and they asked questions meant for an economics or commerce student and not someone with a humanities background and who needs a calculator to add 2 plus 2.But the questions about writing articles and proof reading and copy editing .. by god how I enjoyed doing them ... And I loved the ambiance and I loved talking with those people. As I stood there soaking in everything I realized how much I have missed associating with like minded professionals. My mind, my intellect has been yearning for some stimulating conversation with intelligent educated brilliant minds. I learnt Japanese because I loved the language.. I loved playing with words, I loved the art of translation I loved learning the different nuances in a language and using them. And now after a Masters in that language I am doing something that is not even remotely similar to what I had ever wanted to do.
I really respect and admire people who have the courage to give up a well paying job just to live their dreams .. I just wish I had that sort of courage ...I know no one gets the perfect job ..but please god let my next job be better and different and please give me the wisdom to find it......


  1. Hi... I have been reading your blog today.Its really interesting and i would like to wish u all the best if u have not found a job yet.
    I am an indian and am staying in tokyo for some time.Reading your blog makes me feel that i am not the only one out there having all those experiences.Makes me laugh. Thank you...Had a good time reading you blog.Keep blogging.

  2. @enigma...All the best to you too. Glad you enjoy the blog keep reading !

  3. hi di,
    i hv been readn ur blog whole eve , thy r ...........wat 2 say , let me describe in my wrds "jhakasssssssssssss" , while readn "company of frnds , frnds , shoppn n rajma..."as if im readn abt myslf . n yes sleepn beauty too hd similar case in y graduatn n evn postgrauation .

    i too strtd gymmn , on livn ur dream - still w8n ha....

    ekdum bindas , lage raho munnabhai....



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