Nov 14, 2008

Hello there .. looks who's back !

Hey guys
I am back .. for the meager few who read my blog and for the one sweet soul who orkutted me asking why I had stopped blogging ..thanks for the concern .. No I am not dead, No I didn’t break a leg or my arm .. I simply didnt feel like blogging ... not that anything worth blogging didn’t happen in the past 3 months but lets say I was in one of my “I hate everything and I don’t want to blog even if it will make me feel good” phases.
I am back in India … Shifted base somewhere in the end of September .. not a unwelcome change I must say .. Not that I am averse to staying in Japan but this particular visit was not very pleasant one work wise .....
Any how as to what I have been up to for the past 2 months.. the following should give you a good idea....
1) Hogging on paranthas every day (I have an extra 2.5 kilos to show for it)
2) Worrying about my job and cursing the ongoing recession every single minute
3) Took a break, went to Chandigarh to see the new house and fell in love with the bright sunny spacious bedrooms and and the four balconies overlooking the forest area – fell even more in love with the steam bath and sauna installed in one of the bathrooms :-)
4) Came back to Delhi and now I curse the daily commute and the traffic and the stupid deaf neighbors who listen to the TV so loud that the whole bloody mohalla knows their love for the 'K' serials.

Any ways .. now that I am back I faithfully promise to ramble about something or the other every few days.


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