Nov 29, 2008

To the incompetent idiots who run my country.....

I am not a marathi manoos. Nor am I a mumbaikar. I have never stood outside the magnificent Taj hotel admiring its beauty, I have never boarded a train at CST nor have I ever had a cup of coffee at the Leopold cafe.
But as I sit in front of the TV watching images of the Taj engulfed in flames, of the inconsolable relatives of the innocent victims of this mindless senseless tragedy I grieve. I grieve for my country and my fellow countrymen. I grieve for the lives lost and the dreams shattered.
Yet at the same time I feel sense of fury and helplessness that I have never felt before.
When will this all end? How many deaths, how many blasts will it take to wake you up?

Its so nice to sit in your bullet proof cars and zoom about the city with your z security isn’t it. I guess it doesn’t bother you how porous our coastal borders are, how insufficiently manned our public places are and what a dismal failure our Intelligence System is. As you pontificate on the national security policy have you ever wondered about the brave policemen who face the terrorists armed to the teeth with ammunition and AK 47s with their ancient pistols.Have you ever pondered over the fact that the citizens of your country now wonder if they will come back when they leave their homes in the morning.
You will bicker amongst yourselves and divide us by our religion and by the state we belong to. You will make political mileage out of every blast and every attack. Then you will make solidarity speeches and urge us to remain calm in the face of terror.
No,we will not remain calm now. We are fed up of being calm and showing the world how resilient we are. We are fed up of constantly living in fear in our own country. We are fed up of your
false promises and your empty words. This country has now had enough.
For the love of god, get off your asses and do something for the people that trusted you enough to put you into Power.


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