Oct 27, 2009

So whats your favorite Place !

I was watching an old Friends episode the other day. The one where Monika has just broken up with Richard and is so stressed out that she cannot sleep. Phoebe tells her to think of her favorite place in order to relax.
That got me thinking.Each one of us has a favorite place. A safe and peaceful haven where we are always the happiest, where we’d rather be than anywhere else.
Here are my favourite places in no particular order:

Bank of the Ganges – Ganeshpur
Ganeshpur is a small hamlet above Uttarkashi. We discovered this place quite by chance and fell instantly in love with it. The Ganges there is sparkling clean, unblemished by the pollution it faces in the bigger towns like Haridwar. At Ganeshpur it’s very fast flowing and turbulent and going inside the river is impossible. But the bank has many comfortable boulders to sit on; you can see the snow clad mountains in the distance and the river meandering down from them. The nearest village is miles away and the only sound is that of the river. Whenever my mind is in turmoil, all I have to do is close my eyes think of this place. Instantly my mind becomes calm.

My Apartment in Kobe
I lived in Kobe for a little more than a year. My apartment there was rather small, barely big enough for me. But I never wanted to change it because of the spectacular view it offered. It was a corner apt, on the 11th floor and the balcony ran on three sides. From two of the balconies one could clearly see the hills – lush green in summer and monsoons, a medley of colors in autumn– rust, orange, red, yellow. In winter the branches of the trees would be laden with snow and the sun glittering of them would make a wonderful sight. The view was breath taking in all seasons. From the third balcony I could see the sea, shimmering away in the distance. I could see the view outside from my desk, from the kitchen and even from my bed. That was the best part. Wherever I was in that small apartment, I just had to lift my head to see the sea or the hills! Unfortunately I will never go back to that apartment again but I still count it among my favorite places !

Our house in Chandigarh
It’s spacious and has huge floor to almost ceiling windows that make the house sunny and warm in winter and let the cool breeze in during summers. Bright sunshiny rooms, Soft billowing curtains, sofas with cushions in pastel shades, paintings made by my aunt on the walls, flowers and potted plants everywhere; this house is a haven I must turn to at least once a month.

Starbucks Cafe in kobe
Kobe memories again ! If ever there was a fan of Starbucks coffee its me!. Tucked in a corner away from the hustle bustle of the main street, this particular starbucks was one of my favorite haunts. I would go there with my laptop or a book, sink into their soft cushiony sofas, tuck my legs under me, think, read, write or simply observe life passing by as I sipped on the delicious brew. It was large enough so that I could always find a peaceful corner at any time of the day. The staff was always courteous and never bothered me even when I spent hours there. I have been to so many starbucks since but I so miss that one!

So whats your favorite place :-)


  1. Oh Kobe, I guess its in Japan , picture of the apartment please, its so tempting when I write about the spectacular view it offers :)

  2. I am fanatic of FRIENDS and phoebe is wonderful in her weird ways, I remember that scene, where she says to Monica " use my happy place but dont move anything " hehe
    and Monica says " I bet richard thinking about me" to which she replies
    "betting of any sort is not allowed in happy place" haha thats so funny

  3. I have a special place for starbucks thats where I met my :).. I like thier chai tea latte. The happy places for me, let me post about it ;)

  4. @Sri - Yup Kobe is in Japan. Beautiful city.
    Well ... visits to starbucks become even more fun when u r with someone special!
    I am a friends fanatic. But my favourite character is Chandler.
    looking forward to hear about your favourite places.

  5. Wow! Truly a wonderful way to relax! As I think abt it now, almost makes me feel I am rt there hvng a nice time with loved ones :)

    The Kobe apartment sounds so so gud! U r really lucky to have lived there :)

    At this moment, my fav place is home sweet home as I so wanna go and relax :P :P

  6. The bean bag at home :D
    With a steaming cup of coffee, ofcourse :)

  7. @meira - and a good book to go with the coffee :-)

  8. For me. wherever my family is, IS home :)

    Kobe sounds divine!

    So does your home in Chandigarh.

    This posts reminds me of the famous song
    "True heaven is a place on Earth!" :)

  9. @Preeti- Kobe was sooo divine.So true Whereever Family is IS the real home !



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