Dec 2, 2009

Is it better to go along with the flow?

There is a Childrens day festival in Japan called Koi-Nobori.Koi, as the carp fish is called in Japanese is supposed to be so powerful that its known to swim its way upstream against the current. To the Japanese it is a symbol of determination and perseverance. On Koi-nobori, they hang carp shaped wind streamers on their roofs hoping that their children will grow up to be as strong and courageous as the carp.
Swimming against the current is something we do so often in our lives. Faced with unfavorable circumstances, we try to fight them, determined to change things or to somehow get out of the situation we are in. Most of the times it works, our perseverance pays off and we succeed in getting what we want. But there are times in our lives when however determined we might be, however hard we might try, things just dont seem to work out.Eventually there comes a time when we get fed up of struggling and all we want to do is to let go and sit back. So what do you do then, do you continue your uphill struggle or do you step back and let God take care of things?By no means am I trying to say that one should not act to overcome difficult situations or obstacles. What I mean to say is when we have tried everything in our power and fought till the last ounce of courage and determination, but the night still seems dark and never ending, perhaps we should just stop struggling and try to go along with the flow. Perhaps we should get out of the driving seat of life for a while and let God handle things for us.

What would you do if faced with such a situation?


  1. Ya nicely written Ruch.
    I pray so that things work out fine. But when things go wrong. I stop believing in God.

  2. @latha - yeah thats the usual reaction! when our prayers r not anwerd we get angry with god !



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