Nov 30, 2009

Ruskin Bond Magic again !

What happens when my absolute favorite writer Ruskin Bond and Vishal Bhardwaj come together once again- Magic I am sure!
Am sooo looking forward to this !
Earlier Vishal Bhardwaj had made The Blue Umbrella - a delightful story written by Ruskin Bond into a childrens film.It was a lovely movie but in the original story the plot is much more simple and uncomplicated. In the movie many new subplots and characters have been introduced. But I guess this is a liberty every director takes while turning a short story into a full fledged movie. I had thoroughly enjoyed the story and had already formed an image of Binya and the other characters in my mind.The Movie was entirely different from what I had expected but it was different in an interesting captivating sort of way.
This time Vishal Bhardwaj has decided to turn another short story of Ruskin Bond -Susanna’s Seven Husbands into a movie.Ruskin Bond usually sticks to stories about mountains and the simple folks that live there but Susanna’s Seven Husbands is a rather morbid tale about how a young woman disposes of her seven husbands!
Now what needs to be seen is how Vishal Bhardwaj deals with this plot !


  1. havent heared of both :P would check it out buddy

  2. u mean u havent heard of Ruskin Bond and Vishal Bhardwaj - Surely you jest :-)



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