Jan 25, 2010

Ajanta Ellora-A Rendezvous with History (Part 1)

The beginning
In the second week of December, 8 women, most of them strangers to each other meet up in Aurangabad for a rendezvous with History. Two Linguists, a Dietician, a Fashion Designer, a Professional Trainer, a Dubai Diva, a very suave and well travelled Housewife, a retired Principal and a child of ten - We have nothing in common but our love for travel and adventure. The catalyst – a trip to Ajanta Ellora and Lonar crater organized by the amazing Piya Bose of Girls on the Go Travel Club.
Our Adventure began at 4.30 a.m on a cold winter morning, when three very sleepy women and a child wide awake with excitement boarded the early morning JetLite flight to Aurangabad from Delhi. Jet Lite flights; believe me live up to their name of being “lite”. The plane was so small that I finished walking the entire length and breath of it in two and a half strides. And when I decided to visit the loo, I had to sit hunched up with my knees almost sticking out of the door. Reminded me of those capsule hotels in Japan!
We landed at Aurangabad bright and early and were whisked away to the hotel where we met the extremely gentle and soft-spoken Piya Bose and the rest of the gang. After exchanging the preliminary pleasantries we got down to the serious task of deciding what to eat for breakfast. A few of us stuck to the boring cornflakes and bread – butter but a few more adventurous of us decided to order fruit salad without bananas and tea with no sugar. The poor waiter had a very had time, having never had encountered a group of vociferous women who demanded their tea without sugar and refused to eat bananas with breakfast ! After breakfast we were all ready for our adventure but had to wait for Navneet, one of the girls coming from Hyderabad. Her train was supposed to arrive at 4 in the morning but in typical Indian railways style was stuck at a non-descript station outside Aurangabad for the last few hours. After waiting for an hour or so for our elusive group member, we cruelly decided to abandon the poor girl to her fate and went on keep our tryst with history !

To Be Continued........


  1. LOL on the lite plan with hunched up small cabin loo :)

    Its very adventures that you guys met and decided to travel. I can imagine the plight of poor waiter serving banana less salad and sugar less tea hehe :)



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