Jan 18, 2010

All is well !

To everyone wondering if I have decided to hibernate for the winter- no I have not ! Its just that I managed to get all the sundry stomach and throat viruses floating around. X-mas came and went in a spate of illness, New year was rung in not with a glass of sparkling champagne but rather a yuck tasting cough syrup.Then came my Birthday on the 6th which I spent coughing and sneezing and wheezing like an old woman. Now I am snowed under an avalanche of work but promise to resurface soon with new travelogues on Ajanta Ellora.
So to everyone who was kind enough to ask -Thank you and yes Aaal izz Well !


  1. Glad all is well..Pity about your b'day and belated b'day wishes!
    I should have known you're a Capricorn!




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