Feb 5, 2011

55 Fiction - Cafe Ginger Chai

This post is published as an entry for the KING AND QUEEN OF 55F CONTEST – The first ever unique, challenge for the coveted title in micro fiction category. To catch the crowning moments and also be part of future editions and other contests, visit and register at Cafe GingerChai

The rules of the contest are:
•You have to write a set of three 55F.
•The first two sets should be a story on its own
•The two stories should climax / conclude / inter-twine in the third set of 55F.
•The story could be of any genre i.e, love, crime, mystery or thriller etc.


Rain mingled with tears on his cheeks at the funeral. Nothing to live for now, Arun thought dully. My house burnt, wife dead, son missing. But I will find my son, he thought resolutely. However long it takes, we will meet again. A feeble ray of sunshine peeped through the clouds, growing slowly stronger. Hope.


Lonely, desolate, the little boy wandered about in the streets. Exhausted, he sank down on the pavement, crying. Something wet and warm licked his face. He looked up to see soft brown eyes in a furry head. Tentatively, he patted the pup. It nuzzled closer. The Two new found friends walked away in the twilight.

   A lost Chance

It started raining. Just like that fateful day ten years back. He still searched for his little boy, believing his heart would know him instantly. “Finished Saab”, said the shoe shine boy. He looked down distastefully at the scruffy urchin and his mangy dog. Arun threw a few coins at his son and walked away.

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  1. The tales are getting better as the time is drawing near.
    Lovely tale, well told, beautiful concept too.
    All the Best, Ruchira! :)

  2. very nice! heartbreaking. Woderfully written

  3. Very touching. Felt so sad for the little boy. WEll done.

  4. Lovely writing Ruchi! All the best for the contest!

  5. OMG! This is so touching!
    ATB Ruch :)

  6. Poignant and touching, well written.

  7. Sad! :( all the best for the contest.

  8. Just came back to say, your entry was really good. Each 55-er makes complete sense on its own, and they also merge well in the final one. Kudos!!

  9. @Rumya - Thank you so much and welcome here !
    @Titaxy - Thanks.Yes rather heartbreaking ! I always feel for the homeless urchins wanderign abt !
    @writerzblock- Thanks so much for your comments and welcome here !
    Vaish-Thanks a ton
    @Swaram - Thanks !
    @gyanban-Thanks and welcome here !
    @samadrita- thanks, yes the end is sad ! Thanks for visiting

  10. Amazing :)
    Loved the way you gelled hope,pain,friendship and lost chance in these small stories :)
    Good Luck!!

  11. Beautifully written ... Bravo! To be honest, there were tears in my eyes by the third one. My dear, you are so very talented --- expresses emotions with finesse!

    Also read your article at The View Newspaper, and was so very impressed with your take on "solitude".

  12. @alphabetworld - thank you !
    @dialogwithyou - welcome and many thanks !
    @Amias - welcome here and thanks a ton ! glad you liked the article in Viewspaper as well !

  13. Awesome 55-ers! What a sad situation, beautifully brought out using just 55 words each. Love it!

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  15. Oh wow! That was so beautiful and sad :(

  16. Fabulously attempted Ruchira!!! Really wow!

  17. Have come back to read this. This is brilliant work!

  18. This is amazing! I loved the way you merged the two stories in the third. Great work....I MUST learn this!

  19. Beautiful! Two stories brilliantly merged in the third.. :)

  20. Lovely Ruchira. I am glad I came across these

  21. and the link between stories is mindblowing :)

  22. Very nice, brilliantly composed. I liked the 3rd story idea a lot. Probably you could have written the kids's perspective of having hope to meet his dad one fine day.

  23. The third one is well-worded though predictable. But you rounded it up nicely. So keep writing more of these.

    PS- Got here through writetribe.com



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