Feb 28, 2011

Its Time for a Blog Marathon !

So I am at it again! I have been neglecting this blog again and just posting pics and a few book reviews lately – so much so for the promises to myself and to all you faithful readers to be more regular on my blog.

I have decided that the only way I can get rid of this combination of Bloggers block and procrastination is by taking extreme measures. So in a fit of madness I have decided to do a Blog Marathon (or a NaBloPoMo as you might call it) in the month of March !
So wish me luck guys and as they say a blog is nothing without comments I hope you all will keep popping in with words of encouragement, and also a huge kick on the butt if any of you see me not posting everyday :D


  1. Good luck for the NaBloPoMo :)
    Looking forward to your 31 posts :)

  2. I'll be there to comment :-)

  3. @dialoguewithyou - Thank you ! @writerzblock - Thanks, thats what I need :)

  4. Best of luck with the Marathon...Would be fun to read your posts :-)



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