May 18, 2011

Lets Gain Some Momentum !

Overheard at work .....

PM to the Admin guy – We are going to get very esteemed visitors tomorrow. Please get some momentum.

Admin guy (looking indignant) – Momentum! sir there is no need to gain momentum. We are well prepared. Everything is moving as per schedule.

PM – what do you mean there is no need for momentum. We must give them momentum. It’s a tradition.

Admin guy (Now very confused) – Tradition? You mean it’s a tradition to show them how efficiently we work?

PM – What do you mean work efficiently? Don’t you have any momentum? I am sure you guys have it locked up somewhere in your cupboards.

Admin guy (with a glazed look in his eyes) – Momentum, locked in the cupboard with us? Sir what kind of momentum ?

PM – Oh u know paintings, small decoration pieces …

Admin Guy (with a sigh of relief) Oh you mean Memento!

PM – Off course. Now you understand. What’s the use of Admin dept when we need to tell you guys everything.

Someone needs a Rapidex English speaking course here :)


  1. HE he he he he ... Loved it ..
    we are getting some visitors today , now thats coincidence should i ask my superiour is he has some momentum :) he he hehe


  2. Momentum of Love with constant Velocity.

  3. LMAO....Memento - a strategy for progress :D

  4. Terrible terrible!
    I mean, terrific :D :D :D

    Is the PM very photographic? Then why don't you posta photum of his? :D We all would loove to see him :D



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