Jul 28, 2011

And we are back ....

After a simply fabulous dream come true vacation. Thoroughly tanned, much slimmer (thanks to the walking and backpacking) and with enough good memories and sunshine moments to last a lifetime. The backpack has been traded for the official handbag, The scruffy jeans and Ts for formal wear,I sit in the office trying to look business like but I am in far away Montreal listening to jazz music as I sip wine or I am reliving those walks along the river Thames in London.
Sigh .. anyone heard of post vacation blues !!
Travel stories to follow as soon as I have gone through the 200 unread official mails or read the 150 posts in my google reader. Meanwhile how have you all been ?


  1. There is a very beautiful and relevant quote on vacations...

    "Nobody needs a vacation more than someone who has just returned from a vacation"

    Enjoy the blues :-)

  2. you did not call me :)
    ooops i have put you on a spot here not he he hehe ..

    Hope you had a great time here and for a change the weather has been so very goood ..

    lets hear the gossip now ...


  3. Even reading about somebody else's vacation is soothing to the soul!

    Waiting for the travel stories.

  4. Travellogues come before work and other blogposts!

    Post, post, postttttttttttt :D

  5. Saw the photos and they were fab!yeah...memories for lifetime!!
    Can't wait to read your experiences!!

  6. oh, I am a fan of travel photos.. mention of travel brought me to your blog. else i read you thru the reader :) just a question.. is there any way we can get to see the trip pics too?


  7. wow london :) blue reds we heard them all.. the best way to get over it , is by posting them hehe :) waiting for ur travelogues.

  8. @Prats – very true I really need a vacation to get over my vacation !
    @Bikram – Kaan pakad kar maafi:)I never cld make it to Birmingham actually … yes the weather gods were kind to me !
    @Nilu – yes travel tales are always soothing !
    @Scorpia – patience my dear, patience !
    @mindspace - glad the mention of phots finally brought you to my blog :)off course there will be a lot of pics !
    @Sri – travelogues coming soon ...
    @vaish - Thanks, glad u liked them ! I really have a whole lot of wonderful memories ....

  9. Ahh she is back with her armoire full of memories :)

  10. Waiting impatiently for you to finish reading those unread mails and start with posting your travelogues! :)



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