Jun 9, 2011

My Bags are Packed .....

And I am ready to go :)

I am off on a much awaited, much anticipated and much longed for vacation to UK and Canada.

I am rather well known for embroiling myself in a lot of weird and funny incidents while travelling such as getting stuck in loos, fainting in caves from claustrophobia, being mistaken for a foreigner in India (I swear I was once trekking in Uttarakhand and this guy thought I was from Russia!) and getting stuck on a mountain top in Japan where the only available food was octopus (don't ask me what octopus meat was doing so far away from the sea !) etc etc.I am sure this trip will also have its own installments of Ruch's funny travel tales so be sure to watch this space !

It’s my first proper “foren” trip you see (till now I’ve been only going east to Japan and the likes) and as my friend so succinctly puts it – “what kind of Punjabi are you if you haven’t been to London or Canada ?”

So I am off tomorrow. Be back end of July. Till then my gentle readers, stay well and stay happy.


  1. Have a wonderful trip and get back loads of pics and anectodes

  2. Bon Voyage :) Enjoy ur vacation to the fullest :)

  3. Have a wonderful trip you lucky girl! :) And come back with loads of Ruchira stories! :D

  4. All the best Ruchira. Wishing you only adventures and no misadventures :)

  5. hey cool that :)

    have loads of fun and come back refreshed and happy happy :)

    take care

  6. @Phoenixritu - oh knowing me. there will be loads of anecdotes

    @Dhanya - Thank you !

    @Shail - Okey dokey !

    @Abha - Thank you :)

    @Scribby - the fact that I will be away frm work is already making me happy happy !!

    @Titaxy - thanks !

  7. Hey have fun and enjoy your days out .. all the best and I am sure you will have a ball of time ..
    as i mentioned the weather is lovely now and I am sure it will be while you are here ...

    You have my details you need anything jsut give a shout ...

    Bon voyage have a safe journey


  8. Whats travel without those funny moments. Have fun..enjoy and keep sharing lil adventures.

  9. Wow!

    Have a wonderful, safe trip and come back with loads of stories and pics :)

  10. Have a nice and safe trip :-)



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