May 28, 2012

Boojho to Jaane !

So I have been travelling again ! But instead of telling you where I have been, I am going to put up a few pics and let you guess ! And since I am basically a nice person, I am also going to give you a few hints ! 

I searched and searched for the ghost that is known to haunt this place but came back disappointed !
A walk down this corridor gives you an insight on the austere life of its inmates inspite of the grandeur of the place. 

This building occupies a very important place in the annals of our freedom struggle 

The last two pics are of the same place. 

And now for the last hint ... 

whoever is going to come up with the correct answer is going to get a plateful of these :)

Yes, yes these biscuits are special, after all I stood long in line and braved crowds to get them from that famed bakery :P 

And off course comments are moderated :) 
and I need the answer to both these places :) as well as why  do you think I had to brave throngs to get these biscuits :P 


  1. Is it the Aga Khan Palace Pune?
    Hoping to win those biscuits :)

  2. If the above two ladies are correct then that's my answer ;-)otherwise is this in Shimla??

  3. Ok Ok. Shaniwar wada and Aga khan palace? Ab itne efforts ke liye hi cookies de do.

  4. Pix 2 and 3 are of the Aga Khan Palace Pune and the biscuits are the famous Shrewsbury ones.....

  5. Pix 2 and 3 are of the Aga Khan Palace Pune and the biscuits are the famous Shrewsbury ones.....

  6. Ruchira-san, was in a hurry to get in q for 'em biscuits so forgot to answer pic is the Shaniwaarwada Fort, Pune.....pix 2 and 3 are of the Aga Khan Palace, Pune and the biscuits are the famous Shrewsbury biscuits from Kayani!

    ab chahey biscuits dein na dein, aapko milna hi padega......:-)

  7. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I dont know i dont know BUt i want those biscuits

    OK this place is in INDIA :)
    I shud win as I dont live in india and others have advantage over me :(

    I even tried reading the board in a pic.. but dont know I am so bad

    OK I GOT IT .. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy is it the Agha khan Palace in pune :)

    now tell me I am right pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. @Neha - yes right on both counts :)
    shrewsbury biscuits coming your way !
    @My Era - yeah you got that right !

    @jayanti san - mujhe maloom tha aap pakad lengi :) ab to aapse milna hi padega chai biscuit ke saath :)

    @Bikram - how did you guess ??

  9. Well I saw that board in the second picture it has a name and when you put the name it brings the place ..

    SO you see i have worked very veyr hard, I shud just get the hamper just for trying it so hard :)

    and also I am from outside india so bonus points for that tooo ..


  10. Well, I might be weak in history but never on taste and remembered flavours. I knew it the moment I saw those lovely Shrewsbury biscuits. I still don't know what that haunted place is. I know I am late, I am with my granddaughter -- does that give me some leniency? -- but I do so want those biscuits :)

  11. Oh well I ws nt here to leave the answers, but would not mind the biscuits and ofcourse would luv to see the place too :)

  12. Damn! I missed the Shrewsbury biscuits. "Patting myself consolingly and murmuring, they have too many calories my girl, never mind"

  13. The cookies gave you away! Damn! why are all things yummy loaded with fat?

    Lovely pics, btw.

  14. I had no idea about the places or biscuits....but after reading the answers, I read up on them :). Interesting stats behind the biscuits :)



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