May 7, 2012

So much to write …

And so little time! 
All right! I have been AWOL again but I suppose you guys must be used to it by now considering that I do this disappearing act every few months and then come slinking back mumbling excuses about too much work. Well the excuse is the same this time too. But throw in a work trip to Tokyo and a 15 hrs workday and you really can’t blame me for not writing or reading your blogs!

Meanwhile, there is so much I want to write about. I have a whole pile of books I have read that I am dying to review here, I have a few travelogues to write, a few interesting incidents that could be written down in a sarcastically funny manner, I am literally bursting to share my views on the ridiculous adverts we have been seeing on making females fairer in all areas, except this is not the kind of “Fairness” most of us women are looking for!, I so wanted to do a post on the gulmohars blazing a flamboyant red outside my window but then IHM beat me to it!

Hopefully I shall drag myself out from under my pile of work and be back at blogging soon ……  Meanwhile I leave you with this very bad quality pic taken a week back !

this is what we saw when we looked out of our office window in Tokyo  .. 


  1. That is such an amazing view!!

  2. ah ha that is good you get to visit different countries on work :)

    the pictures is beautiful


  3. Waiting for all the reviews :)
    And lovely pic there!:)

  4. Good to see you back! Bring the posts on :)

  5. Wow! What a view. As for me I am seeing the jewel-like (at night with the lights on) Twin towers on most all days and simply loving it :) But ahhhhhhh my poor legs have been taking a beating! :(
    Good to see a post from you :)

  6. @smita- Yes it is isn’t it !
    @Bikram – I only get to visit Japan on work – Other countries I go on holidays :P
    @swaram – coming up
    @zephyr – Thank you I missed blogging too !
    @Shail – Ahh twin towers is something I would love to see ! Time for you to bring on the travelogues !

  7. wow. what a pic. and how beautifully u presented here! thanks for sharing.



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