Feb 26, 2013

The space within

Another challenge from Corinne of Everyday Gyan.

‘Write exactly a 100 words on the prompt and publish it on your blog – a story, a poem, a mini-essay’.
The prompt for this week was “sacred spaces”

 Most of us consider sacred space to be something physical. Something with natural beauty or spiritual significance.
For me, Sacred Space has no physical presence. It is something within us. A place where we retreat to discover our true selves; beyond ego, desires, anger and jealousy. A space we must nurture through contemplation and positive thoughts. 
 However adverse our outer circumstances might be, we can find tranquility, bliss and immense mental strength by simply withdrawing into this inner space. We do not need to look outside for answers. All answers lie within.

 Create your own sacred space, create your own Happiness.


  1. Definitely something within ... but if it is to mean something outside, it would be a hilly place, pure and untouched.

  2. @ritu - Mountains come a close second as my sacred place too .. The further they are from all habitation the better !

  3. Either it is within or with the people you love.

  4. So true, Ruchira. However, for me, there's nothing like a beach to set me off on an inward journey!

  5. It has to be find within but it can be facilitated by surroundings, people or settings.

  6. There is just no quiet 'Inner Space' for me. Since I am a schizophrenic, there are always a few people sitting on my seat whenever I go there.

  7. true....it all comes from within :)


  8. Beautiful thoughts, Ruchira. Nirvana exists within.

  9. Very true ! Like Purba says... Nirvana exists within :D

  10. @Alka - True !
    @Janu - Glad we think alike !
    @Corinne - nature always helps in setting us off on a inward journey. With me its mountains !
    @Rachna - Surroundings specially mountains and people who are calm and tranquil themselves :P
    @Rickie and which one of those people are writing your blog posts these days :P
    @ shooting star - so it does !
    @Purba - It sure does and so many of us dont even realize it .. we spend a life time searching for it outside !
    @hitchwriter - Glad you think so too !

  11. I have the same idea with you, Ruchira. I hope you’ll visit my February 12th post “Always with me” to share the thoughts when you have time.

    Thanks for your visit and a lovely comment. I’m glad you loved Kobe where I’m originally from. Ruchiraさんの日本語とても上手ですね。

  12. Lovely read. For me, my sacred space is that which I create with the one I love :)



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