Nov 1, 2013

A New Home for Old Friends !

The fact that I am a bookworm is known to all. Books are my solace, my refuge, something I always turn to when I am feeling down. A book is pure happiness, is as essential as the air I breathe! 

I think books should seriously be considered as stress relievers. They are also much more effective than medicines. I believe one dose of PG Wodehouse or Ruskin bond along with your antibiotics will help you recover from your cold or stomach upset that much faster! Works for me at least! 

For me reading is a religion. And I honestly treat my books like minor Gods. I am not averse to sharing things usually but I am very very hesitant about sharing my books and god help you if you give me back my book with even a scratch on it.

I also want my books to be accessible to me at all times. I rather fancy them as dear friends whom I can walk up to and have a pleasant conversation with at any time of the day. My time with my books is very precious to me. I like to sit quietly, leafing through them, re reading my favorite chapters and passages afresh. 

Till now all my books were scattered around the house. Some on tables, some in shelves, some locked inside the cupboards. I was not happy. I wanted all my books together, in one place. 

So I decided to indulge in a few good book shelves. After searching high and low through the city for many months, I found two fabulous book shelves in Amar Colony Antique Market. These gems were hiding behind a few tables and antique chairs and it seemed as if they were just waiting for me to spot them! I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them! 

Last weekend I spent a very pleasant day arranging my books in them and then proud as a peacock I put up a few pictures of the bookshelves on Facebook.

And then Suranga Date of the Strewn Ashes and Gappa fame saw them and penned this lovely poem about them on the spot. 

इतनी सारी सहेलियांकोई साइज़ शून्य
कोई टुनटुन जैसी,
कोई बाहरसे एकदम कड़क ,
और कोई इतनी मुलायम
कि दुसरे कि सहारे सिवा
खड़ी न रह सके.।

शीला आयी ,
बोली , "मुझे वोट दो, घर दिलाऊंगी "…
केजरीवाल आये
बोले "मुझे वोट दो, जगह दे दूंगा ,
लेकिन इलेक्ट्रिसिटी बिल आपका "…।
कोई हर्षभरा वर्धन आया ,
बोला " मुझे वोट दो,
मई प्याजके गहने फुकट दूंगा। …

फिर एक रुचिरा आयी
और बोली,
चलो मेरी बहना,
नया घर लाया है,
आराम से लेटो ,
कुछ वोट बीट नहीं चाहिए ,
लेकिन मेरी याद आयेगी
तो बाजूवाले झरोके से मुझे देखते रहना
और पूरी कि पूरी सहेलियां
नए घर कि तरफ भाग कर निकल पड़ी।

I particularly like the first para. The books are so well described. 

Thank you Suranga ! And I hope my books will be happy in their new home !


  1. Like I keep saying, I need to make a trip to Amar Colony

    1. so you do :P You'd love. And the food is great - specially the cholle Bhature !

  2. am so glad that u found your bookshelves :)

  3. I am so glad you found the right kind of bookshelves for you books. I fully agree with everything you've said here about books. I was nodding furiously as I read your post. I'd like to say one thing about your bookshelf. It is, in my opinion, the best eye candy. Suranga's poem is so charming.

    1. They are aren't they. I am in love the book shelves :P

  4. Lovely shelves , and I just loved the bars and designs on the sides. So the two set of books can look at each other :-) ... Thank you for mentioning the poem !

  5. Space for some more books, Ruchira! :D I can imagine your happiness. i would have felt the same :)

  6. those are awesome shelves!

  7. Love the bookcase and your childish enthusiasm at putting books in them. Just like you I hate lending my books and then even worse asking for them. And God help those who spoil my books. Nowadays, however I buy less books and lend them from a library. I already have two overflowing bookcases :).

    1. I am also fast running out of space. Seriously thinking of going the kindle way !

  8. Whoa! That's an awesome treasure of friends(as per lovely poem) you have:)

    Ah! That reminds me to re-arrange my book-shelf too!!!

    Warm regards,
    Read me @ White Matter -

    1. Thank you. yes I do have some lovely friends !

    2. Sharing books are not recommended from time immemorial. There is a saying in Sanskrit which reads ----- "Lekhonya, pustoka, varya porohastong gota gotah,
      Yadi ba punoragota vikrito vimordito ba.
      English translation -- "Pens, books and wife -- any of these once given to somebody is gone forever, in case any of these is returned, you will find it damaged or worn out" --- Mrinal

    3. I am happy sharing books is not recommended in our scriptures as well Mrinal Uncle. This strengthens my case !

  9. Not sure if u got my prev comment.
    I Was saying Suranga's poem is icing on the "book" :D
    Lovely shelves and books just doubled their beauty
    Wish u more n more peace and solace . Btw I nod at that Ruskin bond curing fever + cold. Tried and tested :)

  10. I think when one experiences unparalleled joy about something, this is how it manifests itself - with a quietly euphoric post like this one.
    I am glad all your books are now right in front of your eyes practically ever minute of the time you are home!

    1. What a absolutely lovely comment. Thank you Rickie :P

  11. Ah! THAT was my dream too - he bookshelves and now mine are duly stacked too for the last few years. I can quite understand the feeling. (I, though, am rather free and easy about lending books :) )

  12. I got my bookshelf in 2008 and I was delirious with joy just like you. And then I went ahead and wrote this post -

  13. To see your books neatly arranged in a book shelf is a feeling that cannot be described in words! (At least I cannot)
    Recently, I got the interior of my room done and set up a bookshelf, I did not buy but got it done from the carpenters and sometimes, I walk to the shelf and stare at the books and smile :)


  14. That bookshelf is awesome. And i really really wish that you would post some closeup of all those books for all those bookworms to see...

  15. Hello Ruchira!

    I am glad to inform you that your blog has been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. Please visit and accept the award. :)

    Be Awesome!
    Rupesh Malik

  16. A Good bookshelf, better books, best friends!!
    Being a reader you will understand the deeper meaning :)
    Wishes, Kokila



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