Jan 11, 2014

When Virtual Becomes Real

What better way to start the year than for a guest post for the enchanting Janaki Nagaraj

Janaki writes at “The memoirs of a Home Maker”. She is a prolific writer, effortlessly handling genres as different as poetry and short stories. The best thing about Janaki is that she blogs regularly and yet her posts never lose their freshness.  A lot of us (especially me, can learn a lot from such dedication)

She is also a fabulous photographer and a fitness enthusiast.
But the main reason why we all love her is because she is our connection to Bollywood !
What too many people don’t know though is that she makes fabulous coffee and is a pro at playing Dumb Charades ! To know this you need to spend at least a weekend with her in lovely Mumbai Home.

The post I wrote for her is about the time we spent together. Is it fact or Fiction – That is for you to decide ! 

Some friendships are forged in childhood, friends you grow up with and who are a part of all your childhood escapades. Some friends are made in college and the predominant memories with these friends are of classes bunked together, movies seen, last minute cramming before exams and hostel days. Some friends are ‘Travel’ friends who are only remembered when you need to take off on yet another backpacking adventure.

Then there is a special breed of friends called ‘Virtual Friends’. Friends, whom you’ve never met in real life but know through their blogs or through Facebook groups. Over time these friends become a part of your life just like “real friends”. But these friendships feel slightly tinged with the unreal. You’ve never met these people and your image of them is based solely on blogs read and messages exchanged.

But then sometimes these “virtual” friends step out of the internet and you actually get to meet them in real life. And when that happens, It’s like Magic!

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  1. What a beautiful post - in it's simplicity as well as it's treatment of the idea of friendship. You made me miss school, and then college, and now all those people I like to call friends. Even though pictures speak, your words about your Mumbai trip spoke louder, and so true. :)

  2. Wonderful ode to friendship, where would we be without friends?



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