Nov 10, 2010

Why I haven’t been blogging !

If readers of this blog (If I have any left by now!) are wondering where I’ve been hiding these past few weeks, I haven’t written because I couldn’t think of anything to write. You see blogging is a not such an easy task. No Sir it isn’t. As someone very wise said once “Writing is easy; all you have to do is sit in front of your typewriter until the sweat on your brow turns to droplets of blood.”

So this is why I haven’t been blogging:

• I dipped into my well of creativity but came up with mud instead of ideas.
• Nothing interesting is happening in my life.
• Nothing interesting is happening in my neighbor/friends/colleagues lives.
• Nothing interesting is happening at work.
• Nobody tagged me :(
• Nothing has made me angry, happy, contemplative, thoughtful enough to    write.
• None of the prompt sites have any interesting prompts.
• Couldn’t find any good topics to steal surreptitiously from other blogs !
• I am still waiting to get up in just the correct creative mood in the morning.
• I am waiting till I read some brilliant posts on other blogs and I am ashamed enough of my own procrastination to do something about it.
• I am waiting for that perfectly brewed cup of coffee that I can sip while writing.
• I am off junk food/sugar this month and I am spending too much time on controlling my cravings to write anything.
• I am waiting for my toothache to go away magically (as even wild horses can’t drag me to the dentist!)
• I am waiting for the first flowers of spring so that I can be in a happier mood.


  1. Good one!....Spring is far away.
    And do NOT go to a dentist. He worsens the situation!
    Keep writing..

  2. Ha, I hear you...hate being in the writer's block territory.

    OK, here are two prompts to get you in the mood. Of course, I'll understand if you don't dig either :))

    1. What is it that you most miss about SPV; rather 5 things that you most miss.

    2. List five celebrities with whom you'd LOVE to have dinner. And why.

    You're such an engaging writer, I'm sure you'll bounce back with great posts. I never knew you're so good with words. It's never too late to spot a friend's talents I guess.

    Happy writing Ruch.


  3. Yeah, I have been wondering! :) But not to worry. You will soon be sitting in front of the computer with that perfectly brewed coffee and 'turning sweat on your brow turns to droplets of blood'! :)
    Good luck!

  4. @Alka – Ohh I did go to the dentist wasn’t as bad as I expected :)
    @Kausi – Thanks! Glad you enjoy my blog. SPV tag sounds fun. And I just thought up another tag I’ll be doing soon. Infact, since you like books, you might be interested in taking up that tag:)
    @Shail – Thank you – still waiting for that cuppa !

  5. keep going ..... your post really good one!

    Jai HO Mangalmay HO



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