Jan 4, 2011

100th post !

So this is my 100th post. Wow! Although for a span of two and a half years 100 posts are rather less. But then I haven’t been very faithful to my blog, ignoring it for long bouts in between and then taking it up whenever the whim to write struck me again.For someone who once dreamt of becoming a writer, I should have been the first to jump aboard the bloggers bandwagon! Actually I did not! Somewhere between finishing university and starting work; my writing flagged, reduced to a trickle and then finally stopped all together. But whenever I had a few moments of solitude, I often caught myself wondering if I should start writing again and if I did, would I ever find an audience?
Nirjharini was started in April 2008, when I was not at a very happy place in life.I was in Japan at that time; lonely, desolate and facing very adverse circumstances.This was by no means my first visit to Japan, but I think it was the only time when I wanted to pack my bags and flee from the land I love so much. I badly needed something to take my mind off my troubles and started this blog as a desperate effort to channelize my thoughts towards something positive.And so I began writing again, slowly, hesitatingly, unsure about what to expect.It was a slow journey, but somewhere along the way, came the thrill of discovery that I could still write, a sense of “hey I still have it in me!” especially when the comments from my readers started trickling me. I was amazed that there were people out there who not only read my blog but actually enjoyed it too!
This blog was started on a whim but is now so entwined in the fabric of my life that I simply can’t imagine doing without it. This blog is my personal haven, a safe cocoon where I can be truly myself. My friends have often told me that that they have discovered more about myself through my blog than they would have otherwise. Nirjharini was never meant to be a place to rant or write about my personal life, it is a place to pen down the thoughts swirling in my mind, a place where I attempt to do some creative writing and try to better myself every day.
When I started blogging, I thought blogging it would be a solitary journey, but along the way I met a lot of wonderful readers, most of them fellow bloggers, who nudged me on with their encouraging comments.And so a big Thank you to you, my faithful readers, because had it not it been for you this blog would be gathering dust by now!

This journey is just beginning and I am sure it is going to be a fabulous one. For I made a promise to myself this year, to never ignore this blog again and to make it a place worth visiting. So, come along my gentle readers, travel with me. I am sure you won’t be disappointed!


  1. Yay! Ofcourse, its gonna be a fabulous one :) And I will def. travel along :)
    Congrats and wishing u many happy moments ahead :)

  2. Quiet an impressive milestone. Have a wonderful journey ahead :)

  3. Congratulations !!

    Keep the posts coming :-)

  4. Century..yeyyyyy. Keep blogging. Have a great year, Ruchira.

  5. @Swaram - Thank you my dear, its friends like you who make the journey worthwhile !
    @Lakshmi - Thanks a lot !
    @Scribbler - Thanks and yes I will !
    @Alka - Thanks and you have a great year ahead too !

  6. Congrats!
    Keep them coming...would love to stay and soak up the "Nirjharini" :)

  7. Congrats! You have hit a century! :)

  8. @alphabetworld - thanks !
    blognostic - yeah a century ! thanks !

  9. Hi Ruchira, congrats on the century. You write so beautifully. Keep writing! I just subscribed to Nirjharini. :)

  10. @zephyr:thank you. So very kind of you to say that :)



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