Jan 28, 2011

The Bracelet - A tag

Shail Mohan of Shail’s Nest,a blog which is one of my absolute favorite haunts tagged me to do this tag on The Bracelet, a Young Adult Fantasy Novel written by Ishaan Lalit or kid #1 of the Weaving a Web Blog fame. Weaving a Web is a fabulous blog by Ritu Lalit who also happens to be Ishaans mom.She often writes hilarious accounts of the escapades of her family - Kid #1, Kid #2 and DIL; and I always find myself looking forward to the latest happenings in their lives. So imagine my delight and surprise when I found out that Kid #1 aka Ishaan Lalit is now a published Author!
This is what the back cover of the book says:

Abhay stood up. He was in a field of grass. Then he heard horses coming. Abhay looked to his right and then to his left, and saw that he was surrounded by horse riders. They stopped just before the dense grass and waited. A man appeared out of nowhere, walked up to him, and held up his hand revealing a bracelet.What is the secret of the bracelet? Why is everybody after it? And who will get it: the Tantrics or the… Arthrakshaks?Abhay, an ordinary college-going boy, is thrust into a world of secrets, lies, deceit, and supernatural entities. He finds out that he is an integral part of a war that he must win to save himself and his family from destruction. Will he be able to do it? To find out, read this fascinating novel that you just won’t be able to put down!

And here is the Tag !
1) What does the name suggest? Could be anything you know, even “Oops its my wife/girl friend’s birthday, what do I get her” Just put it down.
For some unknown reason this name suggests a diamond Bracelet with a Big Ruby in it – I don’t know why, but this is the first picture that popped into my head!

2) If your loved one presented you a bracelet, what would you want it to be made of? Alternatively if you had to present a bracelet to your sweetheart, what would you pick?
a.) Gold
b) Gold and rubies
c) Diamonds babe, just diamonds
d) Whateva, its gotta be expensive and look it!
e) Simple iron kada, or a silver one. Not showy
I am torn between Silver and Diamonds. I love them both! But I am clear on one thing – It should be intricate and delicate. Nothing Showy or Chunky for me!

3) Suppose your bracelet (or kada) had magical qualities (Like Aladin’s lamp) what magical qualities would you want it to have? Let your imagination run riot … anything, money, power, world domination, elixir of youth …. Just pen it down – or punch them keys.
Hmm.. Now this is a tough one ! Dont care much for money or power or the elixer of youth.I think given my love for travel I would want to be transported to whatever exotic location or adventure trail that fancies me at that time!

4)Do snakes scare you or do you get strangely fascinated by them?
I don’t think they scare me. I am rather fascinated by them. I hadn’t seen a live snake (now don’t drop down dead- I’ve seen snakes in zoos and all but they don’t compare with snakes slithering about in their natural habitat) till I went to Lonar Lake a few years back. It’s surrounded by a forest and our guide told us to be extra careful because of the cobras that abound there. Everybody else was treading about carefully where as I told the guide I’ll pay him extra if he would just show me a snake ! I did see a King Cobra and what a fantastic sight it was!

 5)Harry Potter could speak Parseltongue. Do you wish you could?
Not Really. That would be sort of creepy.I have enough trouble speaking Japantongue. (Or Japanese as you might call it!)

6) What do you dream about? No this is not about day dreaming, it’s not about wishful thinking, its about being in dreamland.
One recurring Dream – That I have failed in my Maths Examination! It’s more of a nightmare actually !

7) Do you remember your dreams?
Yeah most of the time.

8) Ever had your dreams interpreted?
No. No need to interpret the one dream I keep having. I used to hate Maths at school and flunking the subject was a huge fear ! Funny I haven’t studied Maths for over 15 yrs now but still have nightmares about it!

9) Do you keep a dream diary?
No. I just have one dream over and over again! Don’t want to record it!

10) Your favorite wrist jewellery?
a). Bangles
b) Bracelet
c) Expensive Watch
d) Friendship band
e) Taveez or sacred thread (mouli)
Expensive watch actually. Not much of a fan of Bangles and Bracelets I’m afraid! 

Wow ! Parseltouge and snakes and Dreams-This tag makes me all the more curious to read the Book.
I am going to be there for the Book Launch at Café Coffee Day GK 2 on 30th Jan. Hope you guys can make it too !
And Now I need to Tag 5 people to copy+paste the cover and the back blurb (in bold and italics) and also answer the questions !
And I tag –
 Any one else who fancies this tag can do it and please tag a few of your friends to do it as well !


  1. wokay !! shall take this up since there is again a lull at the blog ;)

  2. Loved it. You are not scared of snakes? That impresses me. The image of a diamond bracelet with a huge ruby in it .... sigh, wish I had it. Maths phobia eh? Me too, but thankfully I don't dream of Maths. Look forward to meeting you. Its the CC Day at Masjid Moth. Apparently there are more than 4 CC Days around GK 2

  3. omg you are not scared of snakes? you must be one brave person :D

  4. @Scribbler - Thanks !
    @Titaxy - I guess I am not afraid of snakes coz I havent had a close encounter with one yet !
    @PhoenixRitu - it was great meeting you guys at CCD !

  5. I luvv intricate and delicate work too Ruch :)
    Thanks for tagging me :)

  6. @swaram - welcome dear ! you havent done a post in a long while so I thought I'll shake you out of ur bloggers block a bit :)

  7. How unbelievably horrible of me to tag you and not leave a comment till now!!! :O I seek your forgiveness. I had read it as soon as you posted it, but was too busy that day. Later on it just slipped my mind! Soooo sorry.
    Thank you for taking up the tag. Very interesting. Hmm... not scared of snakes. Noted who to take along on treks to places where you might encounter one. I can hide behind you ;)
    Exotic locations, adventure trail. hmmm I love all those too. Travel is a big dream :)



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