Jan 6, 2011

A note to myself on my Birthday!

6th January 2011
So you turn 36 today. Very hard to believe isn’t it! Yesterday I caught you peering into the mirror looking for tell-tale lines around your eyes and mouth and heaving a sigh of relief when you found none. You don’t really feel 36 do you? Infact, you don’t even feel thirty. Only a month back you told a good friend how delighted you are that both of you still retain the same exuberance you had when you were in your twenties.
It’s good in a way that your birthday is so close to New Years Day. Because then it can truly be a beginning of a new year, a whole year filled with endless possibilities.
Last year, was a year you wish would never come back again- all it brought with it was disappointments and totally unexpected health complications. Somewhere in that extremely stressful year, you lost your optimism and sense of fun. You became frustrated and upset when events totally beyond your control turned your life topsy turvy and scared the hell out of you. You regained a bit of your optimism by the end of the year but you are still filled with bitterness about the plans you made so painstakingly and meticulously that came tumbling down like a pack of cards.
But the last year did teach you a lot about yourself didn’t it. You realized that under that whining complaining exterior was a determination of steel and reservoirs of strength that you never knew existed. It helped you tide over the tough times and look for that ray of hope even when the night was utterly dark. I really admire the way you tried turning the disadvantages into advantages and made the best of what life handed you.
My message to you this year is Learn to accept things as they come, and stay positive when things don’t go as planned. Yes, I know, Life is not fair. Accept it and move on!
Be patient, you will get what you want; you always do, if only you would be patient. And while you wait and toil for what you want, be happy and Bloom where you are planted.
Learn to take life a little less seriously, laugh more and don’t sweat the small stuff. And by the way, it IS all the small stuff! And while you are at it, try to control that prodigious temper of yours a bit!Learn the art of diplomacy, it’s high time you did. I know you love your sarcastic sense of humor a lot but tone it down a bit will you! Especially at work!
It’s never too late to fulfill your dream (you know what I am talking about), so roll up your sleeves and get down to work right now!
Never lose your sense of adventure and fun, Keep up the zest for travelling and exploring new places. Keep reading, keep learning new things, make new friends and pick up the threads of old friendships.
My simple wish for you this year is Be Happy. This is going to be an exhilarating year. A year filled with sunshine, laughter, good friends, good books, lots of travel and infinite possibilities. Enjoy it and celebrate each day!

Happy Birthday Ruch ! The best is yet to come!


  1. That is a wonderful note, brimming with positivity u wrote to yourself. Yes it helps when ur Bday is at the start of a New year.

    Wishing you a wonderful Bday Ruchira and a gr8 2011!

  2. A very Happy B'day Ru :-)

    May you get all you desire and deserve !!

    Have a happy and healthy year ahead :D

  3. That's such a beautiful wish for ur own self. Loved it :)
    Wishing u a very happy birthday Ruch :)

  4. Happy birthday! Yes, we definitely have to laugh more! Wish you all the best in everything you hope for.

  5. Happy birthday DOST....!!
    A really really nice gift by self...it really interesting note.... actually u knw very well where u r right or wrong.. thts y u justify ur post always!!

    i hope this year u got lot of KHATTE MEETHE moments !!

    Jai HO Manglamay Ho

  6. Optimism is infectious..Introspective, thoughtful pouring...Enjoy and celebrate.

  7. Awesome post...and a great gift! :)
    Wish you a lovely day and a agrand year ahead!

    You share my bestest friend's bday too :)

  8. @Abha-Thank you so much. It helps to stay positive !
    @Scribbler – Thanks so much for the wishes
    @Swaram – Thank you so much for the wishes !
    @starry eyed – Laughter is the best medicine isn’t it !
    @Vivek – Thanks a lot !
    @Anonymous – Thanks so much
    @alphabetworld – Thanks a lot. Nice that ur best frnds birthday is on the same day !

  9. Hi Ruch, Great post....I wrote something similar to myself but neevr posted it....maybe now I shall :-)

    Stay happy, always.

  10. Hi Ruch, Great post....I wrote something similar to myself but neevr posted it....maybe now I shall :-) Stay happy, always.



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