Sep 1, 2011

London DIaries (3) : Trafalgar Square – where have the pigeons gone !

Do you guys remember the opening scene of Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge – The one where Amrish Puri is feeding the pigeons at Trafalgar square? Well believe it or not, doing that was on top of my "Must Do things in London"list. I didn’t care what else I did or did not do, but feed the pigeons at Trafalgar Square I must. I would not consider my London trip a success unless I did that ! So one fine morning I took myself to Trafalgar square in anticipation of feeding these birds that are as famous as the square itself.

So, Imagine my surprise, no, my absolute shock when I didn’t even see one single pigeon! Trafalgar square was positively milling with tourists but there was not a pigeon in sight !  It seems that a few years back these poor pigeons were declared a health hazard and feeding them was discouraged. Slowly they all but dwindled away !

Pigeons or no Trafalgar square is a spectacular sight ! In the middle is the Nelsons column flanked by four lions. This column was erected in the memory of Lord Nelson who died in the battle of Trafalgar.

Nelsons Column - Click to Enlarge
Click to enlarge - Lion at the base of the column
The famous fountains in the square are designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens (The same architect who built our capital city !). Behind the square is the National Gallery – a very imposing structure as well as St Martins church.

St martins in the background

National Gallery
The whole combination of Nelsons column, the fountain and the National Gallery in the background make an arresting site ! It was a sunny day and I was in photographers heaven !

Fountain - Click to enlarge
Trafalgar Square - Click to enlarge
 Another interesting thing I saw near the fountain was the Plaque depicting how many days are left for the London Olympics !

Coming up Next - Marching with the guards at Buckingham Palace !


  1. Ohhh the pigeons are gone?? :O Hmmm... Clicking is not enlarging the pictures!
    To think I might see this all next year! *dreaming* :)

  2. Noooo there are so many pigeons there .. the problem is too many people throng the area once it is cleared , lots of pigeons come ...

    lovely pics :) I had one sitting on top of that lion it was so difficult to get up and equally difficult ot come down .. os slippery they are ...


  3. I too remember Trafalgar square with pigeons... in fact I have one where they are flying around trying to peck the bread from my hand!

  4. Gr8 pics of Trafalgar Square. Look forward to more travelogues :)

  5. Really?? When I was there in 2008, the place was infested with them. (Yeah, I don't exactly like pigeons)

  6. @Shail - yeah no pigeons. Not enlarging hmm .. let me see whats wrong

    @Bikram- Really I was told they were driven away coz of health and sanitation concerns ! I didnt even try getting on top of the lion :)

    @Aathira - Oh lucky you !

    @Abha - Thank you !

    @Purba - Well I was dying to feed them !

  7. Beautiful pics... As a matter of fact if you want to feed the pigeons in India like Trafalgar Square I recommend Lal Bagh in Bangalore :-D

  8. Haha...I can imagine how obsessed you were with DDLJ to go and feed pigeons there..It's always a busy square with people na...



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