Sep 13, 2011

London Diaries (5):Down the Downing Street

Across the Westminster Bridge lies the Big Ben and the houses of parliament. I chose a warm sunny day to walk across the bridge to reach the big Ben.

Next to it is the imposing House of Parliament. Its a great deal of effort to go inside - you need a whole lot of permissions so I just contented myself by clicking photographs from the outside.

A short walk down the street is 10 Downing Street. Off course its a extremely high security zone and we couldn't click any pictures except of the fierce looking policemen !

Just across downing street was a tribute to the women who fought in world war 2


  1. Atleast you took pictures of fierce looking policemen outside 10 Downing street. I doubt we can do that in our country!
    Lovely photos :)

  2. Great pictures!! But the policemen don't look all that fierce :)



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