Oct 20, 2011

If blogs could talk ....

mine would be saying good bye to me right now! And before wishing me adieu and running off to another blogger who at least cares about it enough to write regularly, it would curse me heartily for neglecting it so!For I am not a good blogger. Rather I am a moody whimsical writer who writes with frenzy when the mood strikes me and then goes through phases where I simply ignore my blog for weeks together. Meanwhile my readers (the very few faithful souls that are still hanging about waiting for me to write) finally get fed up and abandon me. I promised my blog that I would make it a very creative space and fill it with interesting observations, funny anecdotes and travel stories and make it a adda where people would come read, discuss, enjoy and leave with a feeling of time well spent! So much for promises … all I have given my blog is a forlorn neglected look :(

I guess I can give a hundred reasons for not writing like I did here or work pressures for the silence on my blog but seriously it really boils down to the fact that I have been procrastinating … yet again!

It’s been almost three months since I came back from my jaunts across UK and Canada and yet I am still not even half way through the travelogues , and I have just come back from Orchha and Khajuraho – these wonderful places deserve a post too ! And there are many interesting topics I have in my mind that I want to blog about. So I have decided to write regular blog posts and intersperse them with travelogues to make things more interesting …So forgive me my gentle readers and please don’t run away from my blog for this time I promise to be good. :)


  1. Yeah yeah! We need you to write those travel blogs! Have been seeing pictures and I love that new travel plans by Piya Bose for the New Year. Sigh. How I wish....
    But getting back to you ... Girl!!! Get back to writing pronto!

    *A gentle reader*

  2. I am sure it will be angry with you.. Where you been for so long :)

    run away from blog i mean the readers well that just has proven you wrong .. the readers are still here :)

    but where are THOU :)


  3. My blog is same as yours Ruchi..in the sense of neglecting them. I cant remember how many 'come back' posts I have written in blogs...probably they are more than what I write otherwise :)
    You are not the only one..don't worry!
    I was wondering for sometime that you've stopped your travelogue series!
    Waiting to read them!

  4. @shail - yes mam, yoru wish is my command - I shall be back with travelgoues soon ! Thsi trip of Piya"s is open to all - so why dont you and L&M have a getaway this new year :)

    @Bikram - Thank you for not running away :)

    @vaish - yeah I knwo pathetic lot fo bloggers we are to ignore our blogs so :)

  5. Blogging is not a compulsion :) It's a release ;) You come back whenever you can. Your blog, and your readers, shall always be waiting to welcome you warmly :)

    Niceties done. Now OUT WITH THE TRAVELLOGUES, you lazy, insensitive woman :D :D :D

  6. @Ruchira, all my travel plans on hold :( My heel is in a really bad shape. Just recovering and hopefully this time it will work. You can imagine my disappointment. Finding these travelling group was such a dream come true for me... I even found you and another friend who liked travelling. But then my leg goes and ditches me :(



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