Dec 14, 2011

The one in which we burn our chin

Yes, I have a penchant for doing weird things, things that not only put me in some discomfiture but also make my friends roll on the floor with mirth. This time I burnt my chin. And not only did I do something so silly, I also put it up as my facebook status to make sure that the whole world laughs at me. Some of my more curious friends have been busy speculating on how I managed to accomplish this impossible feat. I’ve had guesses ranging from putting my chin on the gas stove, bringing a lit cigarette near my face with the lit end facing inside (I don’t smoke by the way!) to accidentally touching my face to a hot iron.

Since I refuse to assuage their curiosity on Facebook I have been asked if I’ll blog about it(As if putting it up as FB status was not enough!). Obviously I am not going to blog about it! The last thing I need on my very prim and propah blog is people making fun of me. Certainly not!!

So this is what really happened :)

I had a cold. Colds are bad – they make me irritable, cranky and honestly I just can’t think straight when I have one. So in order to unblock my very blocked nose, I decided to try some herbal medicine. The label on the medicine bottle informed me that the medicine must be taken in warm water. Now, the conventional way of heating water is by putting it in a pan and heating it. But you see, I believe in doing things differently. So I put the water in a steel katori (small bowl) and the katori on the Gas burner. After a few seconds I turned off the gas, touched the rim of the bowl with my hand and decided that it was not too hot and I could lift it using my fingers. I poured the medicine in, lifted the bowl to my lips and as fate would have it, sneezed at the very last moment. My hand trembled and the base of the bowl touched my chin – off course the fact that the rim of the bowl might not be too hot but the base will definitely be extremely hot had not crossed my cold befuddled mind. So now I have a bright red burn to show for my stupidity.

We all know Aruna Irani by the mole on her chin and I will now go down in history as the lady with the nasty burn on the chin!

And after you all finish rolling on the floor laughing about it – can someone please tell me how to remove that damn scar from my face?


  1. ok now that surely is a "master act" :)

    Hope the burning has subsided and you are feeling better now. The easiest way i have used to handle burn scars is repeatedly and stubbornly applying coconut oil on them. Works quite well.

  2. Ok, I have just about stopped laughing! But what the heck. You couldn't predict beforehand that a sneeze would make its rather untimely appearance precisely at the time the hot katori was ready to pour medicine into your mouth! Talk about coincidences! :)))
    I usually get better by ignoring things ;) I get burns on my hands without fail. Nowadays the L & M takes a very casual look at things and yawning turns away, "Oh yet another?" ;)) Really! How many years have I been cooking?! And yet I am sure to touch the hot pressure cooker while stretching my hand or have drop of hot oil fall on me or.... it goes on. I even burnt my hand using the solar cooker! Sach mein! ;)
    BTW Thanks for sharing your adventure! :D *still grinning*

  3. hehehe...

    See u can not see it unless u r infront of a mirror so best is stip going infront of a mirror. Jo dikhega nahin woh hai nahin :D

  4. Hehehe...i actually tried enacting it with an imaginary "hot" did your chin touch it? :D i dont buy this story at all :D out with it. :D

    and i recently read in another blog that colgate is a good remedy...yep, the paste alright...said it made the burn vanish, without even a sign that anything actually happened! ;)

  5. @Life Begins – yeah some master act . Actually the burning has subsided and I ddi try the coconut oil .. its helping a bit !

    @Shail – yeah look at me the provider fo unending amusement to my friends!

    @Smita – yes but others can see it right :P

    @Scorpria - Ohh c’mon – at the risk of losing all my dignity I tell you the story and you still don’t believe me!
    Colgate !! That’s a new one !

  6. And if they don't like it they should not see it ;)

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