Dec 26, 2011

The Versatile Blogger !

Shail and Ritu,Two of my favorite bloggers, whom I have read and admired for long have conferred the versatile Blogger award on me. And then Zradar another faithful reader of mine suddenly delurked to bestow this honor on me again!
I suppose you could call me versatile since I can never make up my mind regarding what exactly I want my blog to be about! I flitter about trying to write travelogues, funny anecdotes, feminism with occasional haikus and 55 fiction thrown in for relief.
Thank you Shail, Ritu and Zradar. It is indeed motivating to be recognized and awarded!

The rules of the award say that I must:

Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers

Inform the Bloggers of their nomination

Share 7 Random things about yourself

Thank the Blogger who nominated you

Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post.
  Hmm .. 7 random things about myself! I just did a post on how quirky I can get and I had half a mind to simply link up to that post and leave it at that. but me being me I am sure I can find a few more peculiarities about myself to write here. So here goes:

  1. I hate to eat cooked fish but I love sushi and sashimi (raw fish)
  2. I am a Punjabi but I don’t like to eat Saag and Makki ki Roti. I am definitely a Parantha person though!
  3. In my house I want a special room dedicated to books. The room will have window seats with lots of sunshine filtering in,bookshelves filled with books, comfortable wicker chairs with bright ethnic cushions thrown on them and loads of plants. This is what I definitely want. About the rest unimportant things like the kitchen, bedrooms etc – I am a bit hazy!
  4. I am a silver junkie – I have a huge collection of silver jewelry and I wear silver all the time.
  5. Travel is a passion, something I can’t do without. I do a corporate job only because it gives me money to travel.
  6. I am a history buff. I can wander around monuments for ages.
  7. I love collecting bookmarks and notebooks. I have them from all over the world!

And now, I am going to twist the rules a little and nominate 7 bloggers instead of 15 (well rules are meant to be broken aren’t they!) So here are the 7 bloggers I read and think are truly versatile:

1.Preeti Shenoy of Just a Mother of Two: One of the first bloggers I began to read and one of the finest. Don’t go by her Blog name – she is definitely not just a mother of two :) She sketches, she paints, she writes (she is a published author of two books and a third is on its way) and in between all this she finds time to maintain a lovely garden and home,care for her family(and a dog!) and take holidays in beautiful locations like Bentota and Maldives :) 
Versatility thy name is Preeti !

2.The Indian Home Maker: Another blogger I truly look up to. Mostly blogs about gender issues and I love the animated discussions that take place on her blog. Go there if you want interesting perspectives on issues. Also an excellent photographer – Check out her header for the awesome pics !

3. Swaram of Song of Life:Love her attitude towards life and admire her for the social work she is doing. We need more like her in our country!

4.Tikuli of Tikulicious: Heart touching, soul stirring poetry and very thought provoking posts. You will find some superb writing here !

5.Purba Ray of A-Musing:One of the wittiest bloggers I know. Read her to get a tongue in cheek commentary of the current affairs.

6. Salil Chaturvedi of saliloquy : Salil doesn’t update his blog very regularly, but when he does its worth the wait ! I simply love his poems as his writing style. His love for nature shines through his writings and the lovely pics he keeps posting of his garden.

7. Bikram of Me and My Random Thoughts : Our own Punjab da Munda in good old England. Right now extremely upset with me because I didn’t visit him when I went to London. Am I forgiven now Bikram :)


  1. Forgive her Bikram :) Congratulations to all the winners and thank you Ruchira!! I love twisting rules too, now just watch I do with this tag...!! :) :)


    1. Chốn bồng lai tiên cảnh này là một sơn thôn, trong sơn thôn tuy không nhiều người lắm, nhưng đều là láng giềng qua nhiều thế hệ, sống với nhau rất hòa thuận.

      Ngôi nhà thứ ba ở phía bắc thôn là một ngôi nhà đơn độc, tuy đơn sơ nhưng nhìn vào cũng làm cho người ta cảm thấy cực kỳ thoải mái. Chỗ cửa vào có mấy ngọn mao vĩ thảo nở hoa màu hoàng kim điểm xuyết thêm vào đó một chút sắc xuân.

      Bên trong sân, có một đám củi khô được xếp chỉnh tể, chất chồng như một ngọn núi nhỏ, một vài cái ghế gỗ đặt ở xung quanh, một bên còn có một cái bàn mặt bằng gỗ, trên bàn có đặt ấm trà và chén trà.
      dong tam mu lậu cho thuê nhà trọ cho thuê nhà trọ nhạc sàn cực mạnh tư vấn pháp luật qua điện thoại công ty luật ở hà nội số điện thoại tư vấn pháp luật dịch vụ thành lập doanh nghiệp
      Lúc này, một lão già mặt đầy nếp nhăn ngồi trên ghế thưởng thức trà, người này tuy đầu đã bạc trắng nhưng không có vẻ gì là già. Sau khi hắn cầm chén trà uống một ngụm, ngẩng đầu nhìn vào trong nhà.

      Ở đó, một đồng tử đang cầm một con dao khắc nhỏ, cúi đầu khắc lên một mảnh gỗ màu đỏ.

  2. o0o punjabi...lets do some bungra!

    i love silver jewelry but not gold so much..

    congrats on the nomination..and nice blog!

  3. Thanks a lot :)
    I have changed the name of my blog now because so many people did not get the joke behind 'just a mother of two' :)

    The blog is now called 'Much love'.

    And I too love collecting notebooks and I love silver jewellery too and I love to travel too as you know!

  4. @IHM - you are welcome!! Ohh dear - waiting for bated breath to see what you do now !!
    @herenownotforeva - thanks and welcome here !
    @Preeti - Ohh well I did love the name Just a Mother of two. Too bad some people just dont get the joke !

  5. Interesting! South-Indian me is a big fan of makki ki roti and saag :D Oh now you have me drooling over the mere thought of it.
    Travel, books, history.. we have quite a few things in common :)

  6. ha ha ha haa I did not know I was angry at you.. BUT thanks for Reminding me now .. HMMMPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    Not talking ot you yesssssss :)

    he he he he

    I was not active for a couple of days thats why i did not come ..

    @IHM :- there you go .. he he he he

    Thank you so much yayyyyyyy yayyyyyyyyy

    1. I dont like fish but i can only eat the pakora's

    2. no . no saag oh ho not goood :) but yeah paranthas are always welcome

    and me love travelling toooo pity i dont get so much time nowadays ... I wish i could do more ..


  7. @shail - and I love appams :)
    yes we do have a lot in common and we both are introverts as well :P

    @Bikram -ohh dear dont tell me you had forgotten and I reminded you again !

  8. @Ruch--yeah --but see even YOU had to explain that 'she is not just a mother of two--don't go by the name'..
    See what I mean?

  9. 3-7 cn well be mine too :)
    Thank u so much Ruch for the award :)
    Congratulations and wish u a very happy 2012~



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