Dec 1, 2011

Thursday Challenge #7 - Doors !

Todays Thursday Challenge is Doors.
Here are some doors I captured during my travels:

 I love the way this door is decorated with flowers ! Specially since its a Fudgerie and had the most delicious assortment of chocolates inside !
Captured in Quebec City !

 This is a Pub in London - What vibrant colours ! 

And finally the gate to Hampton Court ! 

Travel does open a lot of doors doesnt it :P


  1. Oh ya it does!:) Gud one!

    Floral welcome and chocolates - I wudn't ask for anything more :)
    Loved it!

  2. I have not seen any of the places in london :( I need ot go and see them now

    beautiful pictures


  3. Beautiful pics.
    Thanks for nice presentation.

    First time visiting your blog.

    Hope to see you in Indiblogger meet on 11th Dec.

    Pl.,find time to visit my blog.

  4. @swaram - thanks !
    The chocolates were yumm !!
    @Rahul - Thank you and welcome !
    @Bikram - go go go now!
    @Rakesh - hope to see you too !

  5. Oh yes it does! And gorgeous doors too!

  6. travel..yes ofcourse..lotsa door..freedom of mind and thot..well,i have nominated u for an award.chk my latest post



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