Jun 22, 2012

Canada Snapshots - Walking the Trails !

 The best thing that I liked about my stay in Canada was that it was a very relaxed laidback time. My two weeks in London were spent in hectic sightseeing and rushing about and I think the only time I sat down in those three weeks was when I boarded the flight to Toronto. 

My brother stays in a small town off Toronto and away from the hustle bustle of the big city. The town had a lot of nature trails and there was one right behind my Brother’s house. At all times, it had people walking their dogs,hiking, cycling, fishing in the small creek or simply 
barbecuing in the open. The Canadians love the outdoors, or perhaps because it was summer in Canada and summer is so much anticipated there, that everybody who can walk or crawl was out there soaking in the sun.

There were a few trails right behind my brother’s house and I had a marvellous time walking them. 

The trail behind my Brother's house ! 

The creek nearby ! 

I loved walking along the creek 
 I spotted a lot of wild life as well. Chipmunks and interesting birds whose names I don’t really know and I could never capture on camera ! But I did manage to capture this cute Bunny ! 

An unusual tree I saw .....

 When I was not walking the trails, I was sitting by the lake enjoying the peace and quiet. ! 


  1. Looks gorgeous. I could live there forever ... lots of green and water.

  2. O wow lovely. What peace and calm. Love it!
    Looking forward to more.

  3. Places like this are best enjoyed in solitude... Should've been blissful isn't it?? I love walking on the woods..and if it happens to be a sunny day, the whole place must be choked up with barbecue smoke :)

  4. Looks a lot like my town here - trails, lakes, wildlife (including snakes in our backyard :P), lots of outdoor activities to do. It's not just a summer thing - my cousin who lives in Canada does winter stuff too.....and we go skiing, snowboarding here as well in winter. If I want to play tennis, I can just go to a nearby court and can even manage to find a random playmate....it's one of the main reasons I love living out here :).

  5. Serene and lovely. The lakeside sojourn must have been the best, right? OR is it difficult to choose?

  6. BEautiful pictures.. lovely places


  7. I really really need a break like that :)

  8. @shail – Yes it really was serene.I really had a good time walking those trails !
    @Ritu – Yes that’s the feeling I also got. I never wanted to leave
    @Life Begins – Yes it was very peaceful
    @Vaish – There were designated places for barbeque so rest of the area was devoid of smoke.
    @Sahchi - I am so jealous! Could I move in with you :)
    @zephyr – Very serene! It was difficult to choose between the lake and trails – The best was when the trails led up to the lake :)
    @bikram – Thanks
    @ Take one Swaram :)

  9. Sure....anytime. If not move in, plan a trip here....not this summer coz I can't hike much, but next summer or anytime after.....I love the outdoors!



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