Jun 18, 2012

What’s in a Name!

My overwhelming desire while I was in London last summer was to see a traditional Pub with oak furniture, fire burning in the hearth, draught beer drawn from a keg and perhaps a game of dominoes being played in a corner. Unfortunately most of the pubs I came across were modern establishments but I did come across something interesting – Unusual Pub and restaurants names!

Here’s one on Convent Garden, ostentatiously named after the famous Puppet Show.

And my all-time favorite, I saw this near Westminster.  Perhaps its frequented by detectives ! 

And I suppose even writers must eat ! 

And finally a Pub in Windsor named after Royalty. It was initially called The grapes, then the Knight Tavern and Finally renamed the Duchess of Cambridge Pub.
Oh heck I suppose even royalty needs a pint now and then :p 


  1. Interesting. I have written a post under the same title. But it is about some of the names that I am known by ;))

  2. I wrote a post with the same title too ..,. but it was about how we are pressurized to change our names after marriage.

    I would love to down a pint at the Sherlock Holmes

  3. @Shail - You did ! Let me go and read it !
    @Ritu - Don"t tell me !! You too !
    I did have a pint at Sherlock Holmes ! Delicious it was !

  4. you know I have seen more of london via pictures from blogs , I didnot see that much of london...


  5. I love the old pubs to modern ones. The dim lit arrangement, bench type furnitures and high sit stools with a cramped space is a great place to have fun. I haven't been to any in London though.

  6. @Bikram - Its a place worth seeing !
    @Vaish - I love the old pubs too !

  7. Very interesting, Ruchira. I like the quick change of name to The Duchess of Windsor - smart thinking!

  8. Hey Ruchira, there is an L&M post by the same name. Do take a look. Went to a pub in Cornwall, but like you have mentioned, it was not one of those modern places and pretty crowded -- Port William.

  9. @corinne - smart thinking indeed !
    @zephyr - et tu zephyr :P
    I think traditional pubs are as rare as unicorns now !



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