Jun 20, 2012

Hello Ji. Kiddan? Welcome to Kanedda !

I really haven’t written anything about my travels to Canada last year, so the next few posts are going to be dedicated to that wonderful country.

 I landed at Toronto’s Pearson airport after spending two weeks in UK. I had the most marvellous time there and London is way on top of my list of favourite cities. But let’s face it, The British are a formal lot and when I landed I was more than slightly jaded after two weeks of the British stiff upper lip and 8 hours of snootiness by a BA air hostess. The reason that my spirits rose immensely upon reaching Toronto can be attributed to the fact that as soon as I entered the airport, I found myself face to face with an extremely handsome airport official. I was so enraptured by his blindingly good looks that I could barely tear my eyes from him to take the form he was holding out. I was soon to discover the Canadians are as a rule tall, rugged and rather handsome. This revelation off course played a huge role in my stay there being a success! 

Also, I felt as if I had landed right into the heartland of sadda Punjab. The immigration officer was a Punjabi and so were majority of the airport staff along with most of the passengers. I heard more of Hindi and Punjabi at Pearson airport than one would hear even at our very own IGI. And I dare say, the people around me were speaking much better Punjabi than me ! 

After collecting my bags I was looking around for a trolley when I realized that you needed to put a coin in the designated slot to pull one out. All I had with me were currency notes and for some reason, the ATM at the airport wouldn’t allow me to withdraw money. The way to the exit was quite a walk and the prospect of lugging my two very heavy suitcases till there was not a happy one. I looked around for someone I could ask for help. The nearest airport attendant at hand happened to be a Sikh. He was tall and rather plump and his white beard flowing over his ample belly made him look like a benign Santa Claus. I poured out my woes to him. He took one look at me and asked me where I was from. I had the good sense to say Chandigarh instead of Delhi. He gave me a huge smile, took out a key, released a trolley and said, "Koi gall nahi jee, le jaayo Trolley! Welcome to Kanedda !"

Needless to say, a very auspicious start to my stay :P 


  1. That sure was a cool welcome. Waiting to read more. Handsome Canadians eh? Makes Canada a desirable destination :|

  2. Damn! You should have slipped and landed straight into the handsome Canadian's arms :p

  3. Oooh I love this jee, welcome to Kaneda!

  4. Baut wadiya jee...Jaldi jaldi aage dee kahaani dasso :)

  5. Hello tuhanu v and I am ODAN hi ji :) and canada ahh beautiful country I jsut went once there and must say I loved it ..

    planning a motorbike ride from chicago to Vancouver via toronto lets see how that happens ...


  6. but on my first visit , I lost my luggage and I too had a hansdome punjabi sardar help me out and he promised that the luggage will be home by next day afternoon and I was surprised to find my suitcase there :)

  7. Yeah! Canada is a very beautiful country, Love to visit some day :)

  8. how sweet :) this reminded me of my trip to london... so many indians... heathrow airport was full of punjabis...!

  9. Handsome men can make an otherwise gloomy day, refreshing!

    Hor jee, kiddan?

  10. @shail – handsome men or no, Canada is anyway a desirable destination ! Off course they are a bonus :P
    @Purba – Damn now why didn’t I think of it then !
    @ Ritu – Thanks
    @Life Begins – Coming up !
    @Bikram – That motorbike ride seems like a dream vacation. I wish I could do that !
    @Kusum – Yes it sure is !
    @Ash – I got the feeling that Heathrow is rather full of Gujuratis !
    @Runaway Bride – Wadiya and welcome here !

  11. Good you know the 'Alohomora' spell to the hearts of kind and gracious sardars! That is a facinating little piece.

  12. Wow! It sure was a pleasant welcome! Would love to visit this country sometime!

  13. Lucky girl..kabhi japan to kabhi Kannada....



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